We are just 5 Days Away From My Worldwide Photo Walk

We're just five days away, and right now we have nearly 28,000 photographers signed-up for 1,300 local walks around the world this Saturday, Oct 13th. We are thrilled at the worldwide participation and sense of community this has created, and I can't wait for the local walk I’m leading on Saturday in Paris, France to get here (and to see the images from around the world).

If you haven't signed up for a Walk Yetâ¦.
It's not too late. Here's the linkâ”find a city near you, and sign up to be a part of your local walk.

Seven Tips for Walkers
Last year, I gave seven tips for walkers to help you make the most of your walk, and I've got those here for you again. If you're going to be walking with us this weekend, take a moment to give these  a quick read: I promise it'll make a difference in your experience.

(1) Drink Plenty of Water
Make sure you take plenty of water with you and stay fully hydrated during the entire walk. Two hours is a long time to be out in the sun so make sure you drink lots of water before and during the walk. (TIP: Want to be a hero? Bring an extra bottle of water or two to share with other walkers).

(2) Use Sunscreen
If your walk is during daylight hours (and most are), make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen, and don't forget to wear a hat for protection as well.

(3) Leave a Small Footprint
Make sure that you have as little physical impact on the area you're walking in as possible. If you're walk is in nature, make sure the area looks exactly the same when you leave as when you got there. Same thing in a downtown areaâ”-we want store owners and pedestrians to welcome events like this, so be kind to everyone you meet, and create as small a footprint on your walk route as possible. Take only pictures. Leave only footprints.

(4) Make New Friends
This is a social event, and everybody is there to have fun and make new friends, so make sure you talk with other walkers in your group. Ask them â˜what kind of stuff like they to shoot,' or â˜how they like their camera or a particular accessory,' or ask â˜if they've ever been on this street or area before,' and you'll have a conversation up and running in no time.

(5) Let Your Leader Lead
Your walk leader has put a lot of time and effort into planning the walk, organizing and publicizing the walk, and making the whole thing happen (after all; without your local Leader there might not be a walk in your city, right?), so don't try and hijack the walk; let your Leader do the talking, and the leading, and that way you can just relax and focus on getting some great shots.

(6) Get To Your Walk Early
It happens every year; some people miss the walk altogether because they couldn't find a parking space, or they missed the train or subway, or they ran into something that delayed them from getting to the start of the walk on time. It's really heartbreaking to get there and find that the walk is already underway and there's nobody standing there but you, so make sure you plan extra time to get to your walk's Starting Location, especially if you're not familiar with the area. You'll save yourself a lot of stress (and possible heartbreak) by getting there early. Plus, if you get there early, there's extra time to make friends before the walk even startsâ”maybe you'll make a "walking buddy" who'll share the experience with you.

(7) Play it Safe
The single most important thing is your safety during the Photo Walk.

Don't get distracted by what you're shooting or seeing, and back right into the street, or into another photographer (or just a person walking down the street). Keep your wits about you, and remember than many of you will be shooting in a downtown area, on crowded sidewalks or busy streets, so just stay alert the entire walk, and look out for other walkers as well. Also, don't wander into any areas or alleys that may look the least bit unsafeâ”stay with your groupâ”there's safety in numbers, and of course always keep a close eye on your camera gear and personal items.

Also, make sure you check out the Official World Wide Photo Walk Facebook Page (here's the link) for more walking tips and also you can follow the official walk on Google+ (here’s the link) or on Twitter using the Hashtag #WWPW.

See you guys this weekend as we make photographic history!

  1. This is my 3rd walk as a leader and as always I’m super excited! We thought about moving our location but after thinking about it we decided that it would push us to find new things in the same spot. Hope everyone has a fun, safe day!

  2. Scott, we are signed up for the Niagara Falls Walk with Chris Embry and we haven’t heard a word from him. We have no idea where to meet! How can we communicate with him?

    1. Theres a section on the Photo Walk page that says “Contact Walk Leader”. If you send him a message there, he should get it.

      That said, I’ve gone in and found the walk leader and emailed him for more information on this. As soon as he updates me, will let you know.


  3. Scott, We have the same problem as Len Cohen. The Walk Leader for Staunton, Virginia, Lauren Rogers, has provided no information as of this day (100812) and time (1131 hours). I have a screen capture that verifies this.To say the least – that is not a good thing.

  4. “Your walk leader has put a lot of time and effort into planning the walk,”

    Yeah that’s a lot of crap. The guy here just wanted his name in lights and so far no signups or further info.

    BTW, it’s rather annoying when you keep calling it “MY” photowalk. That’s pretty haughty. Stop it. It wouldn’t be anything without participants.

    1. Libby:

      I’ll overlook most of everything else you’ve said, and try to help the entire “No Signups and No Further Info” portion of this.
      As i checked the information, your email address doesnt show that you’re even registered as a walker for the Photo Walk.

      Im assuming that the email you’ve used here is a fake, and that this comment is just your attempt at being a troll unless you email back with a real name, a real city, and a real problem. If you dont do so in a day or so, I’ll be sure to delete both of these comments.


  5. Would prefer if you remembered it is a “World-Wide” photo walk, not a Tampa walk!!!!!

    Tip 2 about sunscreen is not too relevant in Scotland. Our forecast temp for the day is 10deg C. Yours is 30.

    So don’t forget the world consists of more than Florida!


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