We Are Just One Week (and a day) From My Worldwide Photo Walk

This is getting exciting! Here’s a quick update one week (and a day) out:

(1) We now have nearly 1,000 photo walks organized around the world
All the walks are now in place, as the deadline for creating new walks has passed, so now it’s just about finding a walk near you (and can you help us spread the word to your photography friends?). Here’s the link to the official photo walk page — see if there’s a walk near you and join us on Saturday, October 3rd for an experience you’ll never forget. [the photo above is from my Rome walk two years ago].

(2) We have awesome prizes for the optional photo contest portion!
Check out this link to see what all the prizes, but the grand prize winner picks up a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, a Canon Pixma Pro 1 Printer, a 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud Membership, a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, and much more! 10 Finalists will get awesome prizes, too!


(3) Order your official t-shirt right now (and help the Springs of Hope Orphanage)
We have awesome official Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirts, and not only do they look really cool (lots of folks wear them on their photo walk), but more importantly, 100% of the profits from the sale of these t-shirts  go to feeding, clothing and caring for the wonderful kids at the Spring of Hope Orphanage, Kenya. Our friend Rob Jones from Towner Jones Photography, came up with t-shirt idea and we’ve raised a ton of money for the orphanage over these years (yay!). Remember, even if you don’t want a shirt, you can still buy one to support the kids. Here’s the link  NOTE: We have special LEADER shirts as well (Leaders — you’ll find the link on your leader’s dashboard).


(4) Did you give one dollar to the orphans yet?
We’re encouraging each walker to donate just $1 (one single dollar) to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya. It is absolutely not required, and totally optional of course, but it’s totally awesome if you give that one dollar. It adds up like you cannot believe, and it really makes a difference, so if you haven’t given yours yet, here’s the link.

OK, so that’s a quick update. I’m leading a local walk this year in Sydney, Australia (I will miss all the friends I made last year on my London walk, even Dave Williams [a tiny bit] but I’m looking forward to making some new ones down under next week).

Cheers to a great weekend everybody! :)


P.S. No football shoots for me this weekend — the Bucs are on the road, and it’s parents weekend at college. Besides I’ve been shooting a bunch this week, so I’m ready for a little break to watch some games on TV. :)

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