Hi Gang: On Monday I’m excited to be announcing the Finalists and Grand Prize winner from my 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk, and thanks to our sponsors we have some really amazing prizes this year, which is awesome.

Besides all the fun and photos, each year we do something very important, and that is we raise money for the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya (an orphanage built literally from the ground up with help from the people who read this blog and participate in the Worldwide Photo Walk) by donating 100% of the profits from the sales of official Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirts (a sample is shown above and below, but they come in different styles and colors, including hoodies, sweatshirts, ladies’ cuts, kid’s t-shirts — you name it).

Here’s where we are so far: 
Rob Jones
, of Towner Jones Photography (the wonderful, big-hearted guy who coordinates our whole t-shirt store) let me know that t-shirt sales are down quite a bit this year. So far, we’ve only raised around $6,000 but our annual goal is to send the orphanage $10,000.

Here’s How You Can help:
(1) Order a t-shirt now. If you participated in a walk this year, I hope you'll consider buying a shirt (or two) to help feed and cloth these wonderful kids (which is an on-going struggle for this small orphanage). Your donation helps more than you know (plus, you get a cool shirt besides). Here’s the link.

(2) Make a direct donation: If you already have the t-shirt, or just want to make a Direct Donation to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, click right here (and know at that moment that you're about to do something that really, really makes a difference in the life of a child). If you go the direct donation route, can you please just leave me a comment here to let me know, so I can personally thank you.

Thanks to everyone who already bought a shirt, and to everyone who will graciously help and buy one today or who donates directly, and a big thanks and big hug to Rob Jones who year after year has dedicated himself to this project, with both his time and talents, and I am very grateful (and so are the children).

P.S. Don’t forget: I'll be posting the winners of the Photo Walk CONTEST by 12:00 PM Noon ET on Monday! Also, if for any reason your local leader didn’t pick a winner for your city, we go and pick one on their behalf. 

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  1. Happy to have done my part! C’mon peeps – Great Cause!

  2. Bought my t-shirt for the cause! Just checking: you’re going to announce the walker competition winners on Monday, right?
    When will the leader competition be held? Keep looking out for info and not sure where we’re at?!? I could do with an update please :-)

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Scott. I just sent in a direct donation. Very happy to support such a worthy thing.

  4. I donated the cost of a fancy dinner (and I’m in Los Angeles, the fancy dinners here are expensive!).

  5. I made a direct donation. Thanks for serving the mission field, Scott.

  6. I just made a direct donation! Thanks for bringing our attention to this worthy cause!

  7. Happy to offer a little help. Hopefully the target will be surpassed quickly. Thanks for all the help and encouragement you offer everyone.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. Just ordered a hoodie and a t-shirt. Hope you make your target!

  9. Great wanted to get one but forgot before the walk… now I can Plus help a great cause :)

  10. Kept forgetting to do this over the previous 5 years so thanks for the reminder. Have now ordered a shirt for myself and my wife. cheers

  11. Hey Scott – I’d pay $20 for a WWPW hat. Can you add that to the items we can purchase to help the cause? And I did direct donation. :-)

  12. Good timing on the reminder. I was going to ask you about re-doing that one from last year where we could buy foodstuffs for them

    Tho I’m not much on t-shirts, I kicked in again.

  13. I decided just to send a donation rather than opt for a shirt. A big chunk of my tee shirts are already labeled “Designs by Mr. Kelby.” ;) – Charlie

  14. Tried to buy a sweatshirt, but the link is broken…

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