Wrap Up For Photoshop World Vegas

(That’s the video re-cap from the Pre-Conference Day Workshops above). 

Man, what an amazing week! I could write 10,000 words about what an incredible week we had; the wonderful folks I met, the new friendships that formed, old friends hugged, the wow moments, the new things I learned, and on and on, but instead I’m going to post the four very short video clips our team made as part of our closing wrap-up presentation we do at the end of the conference, that do it all better than I could.

They cover the pre-conference workshops (held the day before the official start of the conference), and one short video for each day, and I think they do an wonderful job of showing you just what it was like, just what you missed, and why you should make plans to be there next time. Here ya go (and my hats to Erik Kuna and his team (Juan, Meredity, Jen, and the guy who edited all these — Brandon Ford), for a job well done! :)

DAY 1 RECAP (below)

DAY 2 RECAP (below)

DAY 3 RECAP (below)

Thanks to everybody who came out to spend some truly incredible days of learning, laughing, inspiration and fun in Las Vegas. See you in Orlando next year! :)



  1. Watching these videos sure does stir up some emotion; great seeing everyone having such an incredible time but also wonderful to see, recognise and be able to call so many of the faces…friends! 

    Man, this is so much more than Photoshop!
    Here’s looking forward to April 2013,
    Glyn :)

    1. Glyn: We definitely missed you (and Dave) in Vegas. You would have loved it!!!! Absolutely fantastic crowds to present to — fully engaged and ready to learn. One of our best crowds ever! Looking forward to seeing you teaching in Orlando! Cheers. :)

  2. Wish that I could have been there. Sadly too many things of a negative nature happened (i.e., $#!t happens) this year which meant that I had to miss this year — and I so wanted to do the night shooting with Scott Martin. Ah well, hopefully next year.

  3. Scott, looks like you guys Knocked another one out of the park!  Thanks for sharing the videos for us that couldn’t make it.  However, I’m already making plans to attend my first Photoshop World next year in Orlando!


  4. Looks like great fun! Sad that I missed it.
    Scott, are you still planning to post the conclusion to your Drobo saga?  Or did I miss it somehow?  I’m about to institute some changes, but curious about your approach first.

  5. At first I was dissapointed that Dave Cross was not part of the opening Ceramony. Then I realized, he was unable to run because he’s Canadian! Then it all made sense………..
    Seriously though, This was my second PSW and I am already saving for next years trip to vegas and hopefully my first precon event! I’m sorry I missed getting to chat with you scott but got to spend some time with RC and Pete.
    I just want you to know that your entire team from the gus walking around in staff shirts answering questions to the most famous instructor are all the cream of the crop! I don’t mean just as instructors but as people too. Hell, Dave Black made me cry for the second year, this time during class!
    Thank you so much for all you provide us with at a cost that is unbelievably low.
    You and your staff have become part of our family and we wis we could give back just a little of what we get from all of the Kelby Media Group!

  6. Scott:

    Thanks for a wonderful time in Vegas! Top notch from the opening keynote to the closing wrap-up. I’m glad I took your advice and checked out a few classes that were out of my comfort zone. I’m really glad I saw Dave Black (please plan on having the live shoot with him as a staple at future PSW’s going forward…it was that good), and Tamara Lackey. Just some really great instructors and super people!

    Oh, and thanks for stopping to sign your book during lunch. I felt bad about that later but you were very gracious and, if it bothered you, you never showed it. A true gentleman. Now if I could just figure out why you wrote what you wrote in the book….. :-)


  7. I had a great time in Vegas for my first Photoshop World! Thank you and everyone or your team that made it such a great success. Oh and did you get back at Matt yet for screwing up your Photoshop settings during your Friday class? That was pretty hilarious!!

  8. Scott,  Bryan Hughes told all of his PSW students to check out his Guest Blog entry (April) for the notes of his lectures.  It looks like the images for that guest blog have been removed from the server.  Can they been reloaded??  Thanks and Thanks for a great PSW.

  9. Vegas 2012 was my first PSW and it was great!!! I learned a whole lotta stuff from lighting technics to video tips to Lightroom and PS/CS6 stuff. WOW! Next time I will make a PreCon workshop and a couple after hours parties. Thanks Guys

  10. Scott,
    As always, what a great conference!  I’m never disappointed, which is why I keep on coming back.  
    I totally agree with Tom, you and your staff make everyone feel like family, warm and welcoming.  
    See you next year.

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