You need a graphics tablet

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always and this week I write from the NEC in Birmingham, UK, where I’m at The Photography Show. This is a huge event that takes place every year here in the UK. Up on the main stage this year is the worlds greatest dog photographer, the original, the one and only Kaylee Greer. Also speaking were Dave Clayton, Tony Harmer, and Sian Elizabeth, among others.

Today I want to talk about something I saw presented by Ian Sayers from XenceLabs which can be summed up as this: –

You need a graphics tablet!

I have always had a graphics tablet available throughout my photography career and it’s been incredibly useful to use such a precise tool when editing in Adobe Photoshop rather than the clumsy ‘hit or miss’ nature of using a trackpad or a mouse. It’s fair to say that sometimes it’s tricky to be able to use a graphics tablet when working out of the office and I often found this to be a hurdle that was sometimes impassable, but since my recent trip to Austin, TX, to hang out with Mark Heaps I have found the solution.

Ian was presenting several talks at The Photography Show, as was Tony Harmer, and I can also say that Dave Clayton also knows the solution – here it is: XenceLabs.

XenceLabs is a company made of people who have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of graphic tablets and they’ve come together to create a truly exceptional product. I’m trying hard to think about how to present this blog as a recommendation rather than have it appear to be a sales pitch, and it genuinely is a recommendation – I believe this tablet truly rocks. The Quick Keys are fantastic and are fully programmable, giving access to 8 buttons along with a dial (which has a ninth button itself) but the tablet itself along with the stylus just feel great. The XenceLabs tablets connect with bluetooth 5.0 which means the connection is secure and smooth unlike other tablets, and the 3,000 mAh battery lasts up to 15 hours. My favourite thing about these tablets is the way that using them feels good. It’s hard to explain, but the ergonomics are on point.

Using a graphics tablet as a photographer or graphic designer (or even a video editor) makes our lives so much easier and gives us a lot more creative control. My personal opinion is that XenceLabs have come up with the optimum solution, and with that….

Have a great Tuesday!

Much love


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