Posted August, 2007

  • Friday News Wrap-up

    Aug 17th, 2007  |  1 Comments

    Here’s what’s going on: Want to give you photos that Trendy Hollywood Look? Check out a video tutorial I did for Lexar over at their Pro Digital Photographers Website (click here). So far, they’ve posted “Part One” of the two-part series, and I’ll let you know when they post the second part. Also, check outContinue…

  • Jeff Revell’s Shots from Our Trip

    Aug 17th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    My buddy Jeff Revell (shown above during our morning in Monument Valley) posted some of his shots from our West Photo Adventure (he’s still out there shooting near Tucson now), and he’s posted some great shots on his blog (when you get there, scroll down to his Thursday post to see a really nice sunriseContinue…

  • Shooting This Week Out West (and trying out some new gear)

    Aug 16th, 2007  |  1 Comments

    I took a few days off this week to go shooting with my buddies Jeff Revell and Dave Moser, and over the course of these past three days we covered over 1,200 miles, I took over 1,000 shots, we saw some amazing places and just generally had a blast. (I took the shots shown aboveContinue…

  • Photoshop & Photography Workshop Updates

    Aug 16th, 2007  |  2 Comments

      On Tuesday I mentioned some of Ben Willmore’s upcoming workshops, and besides Ben’s, there are some very cool Photoshop and photography workshops coming up that I thought you want to know about, too. Here’s what I know so far: The amazing Vincent Versace is taking a second trip with the Palm Beach Photographic WorkshopsContinue…

  • Adobe’s Russell Brown Takes Photoshop “To the 3rd Dimension” at Special Photoshop World Expo Exhibit!

    Aug 16th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    At the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo, Adobe (and Adobe’s own Russell Preston Brown) will have a special booth setup to capture 3D head, and face scans of conference attendees which they can manipulate inside of Photoshop CS3 Extended. But wait! – There’s more! Then, you take your 3D head/face scans to the AdobeContinue…

  • It’s “No Blog” Wednesday

    Aug 15th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Hi Everybody: Sorry there’s no news today—I’m on the road and have been without Internet access all day (except for now, of course, but it’s too late), so check back tomorrow to experience all the full wholesome goodness that only can only be delivered on a Thursday News Update. That’s it for “No Blog Wednesday.”Continue…

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