Shooting This Week Out West (and trying out some new gear)




I took a few days off this week to go shooting with my buddies Jeff Revell and Dave Moser, and over the course of these past three days we covered over 1,200 miles, I took over 1,000 shots, we saw some amazing places and just generally had a blast. (I took the shots shown above [except for the one of me, of course, which was taken by Jeff Revell] at “The Wave” outside Page, Arizona [click on them for larger views]—it took a six-mile hike over rough terrain and hills in 112 degree heat to get there and back….but it was worth it!)

I’ll be posting more images tomorrow and on into next week, plus I took some new gear and I’ll be giving you field reports as well on: The Canon 5D (I shot with all Canon gear the entire trip on loan from our friends at Canon), and I took some Sigma Lenses as well, plus I put the Gitzo Traveler Tripod and Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead through “Hell Week” and I’ll have reports on them as well. I made good use of the Hoodman Loupe (you can see it around my neck, as well as some Lee Neutral Density Gradient filters), and I totally abused a LowePro Camera Backpack, an Epson P-5000 Storage Unit, and both Jeff and Dave (who are great sports, great shooters, and good friends).

Besides “The Wave,” we shot at Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon, and The Antelope Canyon Slots. Really an amazing, tiring, hilarious, and often inspiring time without a decent cell phone signal or Internet connection to be found (thanks for all your patience with “No Blog Wednesday.”)

Now, onto some news!!! (Scroll down to the next two posts). :)

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