Posted December, 2007

  • My Six Favorite Magazines (They Make Great Last Minute Holiday Gifts)

    Dec 21st, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Before I get to my list, first I have to tell you; I am just so thrilled at the response to our launch yesterday of our subscription-based online training. The first-day’s sign-ups were beyond what any of us had even hoped for, and we’re so excited to have you all on board. It’s going toContinue…

  • Today We Introduce a Truly Groundbreaking Subscription-Based Online Training Experience

    Dec 20th, 2007  |  2 Comments

    OK, this is really, really, really big news; today we just launched a groundbreaking new online training program, featuring the best teachers on the planet, and it’s subscription-based so you get unlimited access to ALL of our online courses for an amazingly affordable price. Here’s a Q&A with all the details: Q. Before we getContinue…

  • Wednesday News Stuff

    Dec 19th, 2007  |  0 Comments

    Here’s some stuff. On Wednesday. It’s Wednesday stuff. First, I’m really excited to announce that our show, Photoshop User TV, was named by Apple as one of their “Best of 2007 Podcasts” in the Video Podcasts category. We’re totally psyched, and our humble thanks to the Editors at iTunes for the honor of including “TheContinue…

  • Scott’s School of Hard Knocks

    Dec 18th, 2007  |  1 Comments

    The day before my seminar in Honolulu a couple weeks back, I got to spend some time shooting with just a great guy and photographer; Steve Dantzig (who wrote the book, Softbox Lighting Techniques for the Professional Photographer). Steve and I wound up as guests on the same radio show a few months back, andContinue…

  • Tuesday News Nuggets

    Dec 18th, 2007  |  2 Comments

    Happy Tuesday everybody! Here’s what’s goin’ on: If you’re thinking of buying any Nik Software stuff this Holiday Season, here’s a way to save some money. Moose Peterson (over at Moose’s News Blog), got Nik to give his readers a 10% discount of any Nik software purchases (like Dfine 2.0, Nik Color Efex 3.0, NikContinue…

  • The Best Photography Book of the Year is Almost Here: Joe McNally’s “The Moment It Clicks.”

    Dec 17th, 2007  |  4 Comments

    The single most amazing photography book I’ve ever read is just a few weeks away from being published. It’s Joe McNally’s, The Moment it Clicks: Photographer Secrets from one of the world’s best shooters (Published by New Riders), and I can tell you, without a doubt, I’ve learned more about the art and craft ofContinue…

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