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The NAPP member forums have been buzzing about Dave Hill’s work, and I have to agree; I think Dave’s stuff is absolutely kick-butt brilliant; from his composition, to his lighting, to his retouching work in Photoshop; he’s got “The look” that everybody wants (from the biggest magazines to this Fortune 500 clients).

But beyond that, I love that he’s taking it to the next level by posting behind-the-scenes videos from his shoots. They have a very live “you’re right there on the set” feel to them, and I really think you’ll enjoy them (I love ’em!).

When you go to his site, in the bottom right corner of his home page, click the “Behind the Scenes” button, and then you’ll be taken to a page with a list of his videos. Kudos to Dave and his team for not only shooting some great work, and creating a signature look, but for giving us a peek inside his work, and his world. (Here’s the link).

John Paul Caponigro’s first online class goes live today at and we couldn’t be prouder to have JP join our faculty. If you’ve ever seen John Paul teach live at Photoshop World, or during the Epson Print Academy, you know what a brilliant, inspirational teacher he is, and as you can see from the title, he’s teaching new techniques and ways of working in Photoshop that only John Paul can.

Here’s his description of the new class:

Drawing with Light: 21st Century Dodging & Burning
Today you can enhance select areas of any image with extraordinary power and precision. Simple brushing techniques applied precisely can take your image to a whole new level, giving you vastly expanded possibilities for creative expression.

These essential go-to techniques will help you master selections and masks; simple masks, gradient masks, luminance masks, contour masks and more. Plus, learn to control the position and quality of every transition and edge. In addition, you’ll discover revolutionary new ways of capturing and enhancing light.

Drawing With Light; 21st Century Dodging and Burning will teach you these invaluable techniques:

  • Drawing Light
  • Simple selections and masks
  • Edge
  • Gradient masks
  • Luminance masks
  • Contour masks
  • Compositing Light

Here’s the link if you want to check it out JPs class for yourself.


Here’s some news. Quick. On Thursday.

David Hobby (of The Strobist Fame) is bringing his super popular Location Lighting seminar to Orlando, Florida, on Saturday Feb 16, and Sunday Feb. 17th. His Saturday date is already sold out (Matt and I are going to be there), but there are still a few seats left for his Sunday date, but those seats won’t be available for long, so if you want to go, click here for the full info, and to register.

David duChemin, over at the blog has a great in-depth review of the Think Tank Digital Holster (which replaces a traditional camera bag, by having you wear your gear around your waist in separate compartments). I just bought a similar Think Tank set-up myself while at Imaging USA, and although I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet, it looks very cool. Here’s the link to David’s site (plus, make sure you check out his photography while you’re there!).

During Imaging USA, I did a radio interview with Scott Sheppard over at, where we talked about my new book, our newly launched online subscription service, and a bunch of other stuff. You can listen to the interview right here.

Designer, Photographer, and software trainer Erik Bernskiold did a review of the online subscription service (click here).

Don’t forget, set your Tivo to start taping Photoshop User TV, which starts airing on regular TV on cable channel Fox Business News (not Fox News—Fox Business News), next Tuesday at 1:30 am (OK, technically, that’s Wednesday morning, but you know what I mean).


I know, it’s hard to believe (and even harder to watch), but starting next week (on Tuesday, Feb. 5th), Photoshop User TV goes from Internet Podcast to national TV broadcast, as each week’s show will now be aired on the new Fox Business News channel (here’s the link), which reaches into 20 million homes nationwide (none of which will be watching us).

Of course, we’ll still be posting the web version of Photoshop User TV, and the iTunes iPod version just like always, but now you can also watch us right there on your Television set (Freaky, I know).

Same Dog; Same Tricks
I don’t want you to think for one moment that just because we’re on real TV now, that the show will get any better. It will still have the same corny jokes, the same overuse of the word “Cool,” the same Canadian references, shot on the same set, without any real (or imagined) script (or writers, or planning meetings, or rehearsals, or…..well….anything any real TV show would do).

When does it air?
Update: I mentioned this morning that we would air at different times in different time zones, but we learned this morning that we’ll be airing at the same time across the country, at the “I was up late anyway” time slot of 1:30 am (so, it’s either really late on Tuesday night, or really early in the morning on Wednesday night; depending on how you look at it).

But hey—we’re on TV, and we’ll be reaching a whole new audience, who won’t have any idea what to think of us. Check your local cable provider or Satellite service for Fox Business News, and we’ll see you then!!!

P.S. Did I mention we’re on real TV now? Well we are. On TV. A real one. Like the one in your house. Really!


Now that our newly launched Online Training Subscription Service is one month old, I thought I’d share a quick look at where we’re going and where we’ve been.

Starting From Scratch:
Any time you launch something new like this, you hold your breath. You just do, because no matter how many estimates you’ve compiled, or projections you’ve made, and bandwidth you’ve alloted; and meticulous plans you’ve laid; you just don’t know until you launch.

In our best case scenario, if everything came together just right, we were hoping to have 300 subscribers at the end of our first month. If we somehow hit 500 subscribers by month’s end, it would have been nothing short of an absolute grand slam home run. Here’s what we hadn’t counted on; More than 2,200 subscribers!!!! We are just floored!

The word of mouth from our students has just been incredible, and I’ve been getting email after email from our students raving about their experience, and how over the top they are about this amazing faculty of instructors (I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to hear your stories; how it’s helping you in your careers, and in your passion for creating great images).

This incredible jump start has helped us to move further ahead on a variety of new training projects, and thanks to your response we’ll be announcing a number of new world-class instructors who’ll be joining our faculty, and bringing their talents to you in just the next few months (this has me totally psyched!).

Here’s what we learned:
We wanted this to be a totally immersive learning experience, so our classes are delivered in a large-size, wide-screen video format, and as you might expect—it was just days before we needed to add more servers. Fast! We did, and we’ve heard from many of you that it’s made a big difference, and we’re continuing to enhance and improve the entire delivery process

Although we still have a hiccup here and there, each day they get less and less frequent as we tweak the loads, delivery methods, and bandwidth. It’s a learning process, and we’re learning quickly what works and what doesn’t, so every day the whole experience gets even better.

New Classes Online
Since our initial launch just over a month ago, we’ve been adding a steady stream of new classes, including new online courses from Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Dan Margulis, Andy Greenwell, and Dave Cross, plus a lot more are on the way (Our next new class goes live tomorrow as we bring gifted artist and instructor John Paul Caponigro’s first new class with us online).

What’s Up Next:
We have a number of classes that are already well into production, from teachers like Vincent Versace, Eddie Tapp, David Ziser, more Joe McNally on location shoots, my new Photoshop Portrait Retouching Techniques class, Katrin Eismann, Rich Harrington, and lots more coming in just the next few weeks! That’s one of the things I’m most excited about; it’s not just about what we have now; it’s about the new classes being added all month long, and all year long.

We Hear Ya
We’ve also been listening to your ideas and suggestions, and we’ve heard from a number of subscribers who have already noticed that new features and enhancements they requested are already being put into place (keep those ideas, and class suggestions coming—we love ’em!).

The Bottom Line
We just couldn’t be more excited, delighted, and totally focused on this new 24-hour a day teaching opportunity, that is already reaching new students around the world . It’s been an amazing month; one in which we’ve learned a lot, tweaked and enhanced a lot, and both gritted our teeth and jumped for joy, but at the end of the day; it’s just a start. It’s what we do from here on out that will make the difference, and we’re totally committed to bringing you nothing but the best training, from nothing but the best educators on the planet. Period!

That’s why we’re still tweaking, improving, analyzing, adding, and most importantly; listening. Thanks for putting your trust in us, and the amazing team of dedicated educators we’ve assembled. I just can’t wait until you see what we have coming next. I think you’re absolutely going to love it!!! :-)


Here’s what goin’ on:

  • Nikon just intro’d a new DSLR (the Nikon D60—photo above courtesy of Nikon), and two new lenses (the wide-angle PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED with perspective control, and AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens). Get the full scoop where I got it; Moose’s News Blog. (While you’re at Moose’s blog; make sure you scroll down a bit and check out some of the amazing shots he got in Yellowstone at their most recent DLWS workshop. Incredible!).
  • If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you already know I’m a Gitzo tripod freak, and if you’ve got the Gitzo fever, too; then check out the new Gitzo Tripod Configurator, which helps you find which Gitzo tripod is right for you based on how wealthy you are (OK, I’m kidding …but it doesn’t hurt). Actually, it helps you find the right tripod based on what kind of camera you have, what kind of lenses you use, and what kind shooting you do (it’s very well done). Here’s the link to configurate your day.
  • Photoshop Boy Genius Matt Kloskowski has been creating some really useful Lighroom presets, and making them downloadable for free from his “Lightroom Killer Tips” site for a while now. Well, Matt’s presets have become so popular, that some folks who’ve been downloading them have formed a flickr group (open to everyone). Here’s the link to the flickr group (get on board now!).
  • I don’t know this guy, but I love seeing this picture (click here).
  • Lastly, I came across this photographer while on photographer Darrell Kincer’s blog, and this is truly amazing stuff (it’s underwater photography, by photographer Zena Holloway, and it’s among the very best I’ve seen of it’s kind). It’s a must-see (here’s the link). Stunning!

That’s it for today, folks! Make it a great one! :-)