Photoshop User TV Goes On “Real TV” Starting Next Tuesday Night, on Fox Business News Channel!


I know, it’s hard to believe (and even harder to watch), but starting next week (on Tuesday, Feb. 5th), Photoshop User TV goes from Internet Podcast to national TV broadcast, as each week’s show will now be aired on the new Fox Business News channel (here’s the link), which reaches into 20 million homes nationwide (none of which will be watching us).

Of course, we’ll still be posting the web version of Photoshop User TV, and the iTunes iPod version just like always, but now you can also watch us right there on your Television set (Freaky, I know).

Same Dog; Same Tricks
I don’t want you to think for one moment that just because we’re on real TV now, that the show will get any better. It will still have the same corny jokes, the same overuse of the word “Cool,” the same Canadian references, shot on the same set, without any real (or imagined) script (or writers, or planning meetings, or rehearsals, or…..well….anything any real TV show would do).

When does it air?
Update: I mentioned this morning that we would air at different times in different time zones, but we learned this morning that we’ll be airing at the same time across the country, at the “I was up late anyway” time slot of 1:30 am (so, it’s either really late on Tuesday night, or really early in the morning on Wednesday night; depending on how you look at it).

But hey—we’re on TV, and we’ll be reaching a whole new audience, who won’t have any idea what to think of us. Check your local cable provider or Satellite service for Fox Business News, and we’ll see you then!!!

P.S. Did I mention we’re on real TV now? Well we are. On TV. A real one. Like the one in your house. Really!

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