Posted August, 2010

  • It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Ryan Booth!

    Aug 18th, 2010  |  31 Comments

    A PRE-SCRIPT… I am sitting in Port-au-Prince, Haiti right now trying to work on this guest blog post, but all I can think about is that across the street from me at this very moment, not far from the collapsed National Palace and Ministry of Finance, taking up every available green space, there lies rowsContinue…

  • More Worldwide Photo Walk Images Honored

    Aug 17th, 2010  |  47 Comments

    Although yesterday I announced the winner and Honorable Mentions, today I’m going to give my personal favorites in a bunch of different categories. Although they didn’t make the final cut, all of these were in the running, and I felt they were so great that they deserved recognition as well. I think these images, andContinue…

  • Announcing “Pimpy Thursdays!” (AKA: “How I’m Sneaking In Another Day Off”)

    Aug 17th, 2010  |  18 Comments

    I get asked this just about daily, but yes—-I personally write all the posts that appear on my blog (with the exception, of course, of Guest Blog Wednesday, and any time I have Brad or one of the gang cover for me if I’m on vacation, and in those cases, they always start by sayingContinue…

  • The Gull and the Raven

    Winners from my 3rd Annual “Worldwide Photo Walk” Announced

    Aug 16th, 2010  |  94 Comments

    Wow—narrowing it down to the winners this year was harder than last year, by a long shot. Last year, we had some real standouts that you knew the first time you saw them, they were going to be finalists. This year, the shooting and post processing both went up a big notch, and I couldContinue…

  • Why Don’t I Just Switch to Aperture 3?

    Aug 16th, 2010  |  75 Comments

    I saw that comment a number of times in the comments on my “What I’d Love To See in Lightroom 4″ post from Friday (link). Since most photographers that read this blog, and well…most pro photographers in general (as we’ll discuss in a moment), use Lightroom, I was kind of surprised to read those responses,Continue…

  • Worldwide Photo Walk Winners Announced at 1:00 PM EDT Monday

    Aug 15th, 2010  |  13 Comments

    Hi Gang: I’m working on coming up with the final set of 10 finalists and the Grand Prize Winner for my 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. You just can’t imagine how hard it is, because there are so many great entries, but I plan to releases the names and images at 1:00 PM EDT today.Continue…

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