Worldwide Photo Walk Winners Announced at 1:00 PM EDT Monday

Hi Gang: I’m working on coming up with the final set of 10 finalists and the Grand Prize Winner for my 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. You just can’t imagine how hard it is, because there are so many great entries, but I plan to releases the names and images at 1:00 PM EDT today.

Wish me luck (and good luck to you, too!). :)


  1. As a three-time P.W. Leader I’ve got some suggestions for next year’s walk. How can leaders (and perhaps participants) offer feedback to make the next one even better?

    I don’t know much about the inner workings of putting on the WWPW but I get the strong impression that for 2010 you turned it over to a staffer who was less than enthusiastic and/or not quite up to the task.

    I know it’s a really tough job, but things weren’t quite as smooth this time as last, especially in the area of communicating with Leaders.

    1. Bob I agree. There are always some lessons to be learned and a venue for the walk leaders (who are in fact representing the SK empire) to offer constructive feedback would be useful in making future WWPWs even better.

      I had several walkers who were frustrated with the process and I feel its only fair to pass their comments on. I also felt my hands were tied in some respects when trying to help them and while trying to manage my local walk.

      1. I should however, state that the positives far outweighed any areas that could use improvements. Many of the attendees for my walk are begging for more walks throughout the year.

  2. Without any doubt this was one of the best times I’ve had this year. Leading this walk helped spurr our newly formed club and gave me the honor of meeting new photog friends. I led my 10 year old grand on on the walk and now he’s hooked (his submission was better than any I took). My friends and I have been planning for next year including another walk in Tryon, NC, near our town (Hemmingway said Tryon is the most beautiful place on Earth!). I plan to lead walks as long as the good Lord will let me.

  3. Hi Scott,

    I don’t envy your task! I’ve been a participate in all Three Photowalks and will sign up again next year! They’re fun and the people are awesome. After the first photowalk, our group decide to start a monthly photo group, which is still on going!

    Look forward to your results!


      1. Ken,

        I know! Isn’t Great! I’ve seen more of Colorado since we started the monthly Photowalks, than I did the first 10 years I lived here!:-) What a great idea from Scott!

        The only thing I haven’t tried is going to the Photoshop World Shows … it’s pretty expensive on a retirement budget. I’d sure love to make one though. I see you’ve made a few trip! :-)

        Take care and keep shooting!


  4. Actually a very simple method to overcome the problem with people uploading at the last minute (if this is what is crashing the site) is to state upload time eg expires on 31st July. But set the system to accept up to end of 1st or 2nd July.
    Anyone still trying after 31st (no matter where in the world) would know that they have past the “deadline”.

    I suggest this as there doesnt seem to be any problems with people submitting on the first 5 days after the event. Only for those submitting last minute. And there shouldnt be much excuses to take more than 5 days to process some photos.

  5. I agree with Bob, communication needs to improve. I led the Madison, WI photowalk this year and last year. Last year communication was much much better. I do hope you do ask leaders and walkers for feedback somehow. From my point of view, last year things when off without a hitch, this year I experienced several hiccups.

    OK, it’s 1:08 EST, I gotta go look at the winners!

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