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36.3 megapixels (wow!) with a full frame sensor. Full HD video with stereo sound (yay) built in HDR (sweet) and it looks like its aimed at the commercial, wedding and landscape markets (photographers who shoot medium format digital backs. I mean who used to shoot digital backs). ;-)

I haven’t seen one, held one, etc., but it sounds amazing and I want one. Bad!!!! (And yes, sometimes you need 36.3 megapixels). Two words: Whoo Hoo!

Read the full scoop at Nikon USA:

Good morning everybody and a big hello from the Lonestar State. Here’s a quick look at what’s going on:

> Loving Austin!
Yesterday I had a great seminar here in Austin (almost 500 photographers joined me for the day), and met lots of great folks (also accidentally made off with the Wacom’s guy’s pen. Left mine somewhere (probably in a hotel room in India), and he loaned me his to use for the class, but by the time I was done answering questions at the end of the day, he was long gone. Stuart, I have your pen and would love to send it back to you!).

> I Almost Got to Shoot The SuperBowl. Almost. :(
It’s been a dream of mine (and any football photographer) to shoot the SuperBowl, and a friend of mine worked really hard to make my dream come true, and I actually had a photo credential lined up, but yesterday I found out that it wasn’t coming through afterall. I knew it was a long shot, so I made myself not get pumped up about it, but it sure would have been surreal. I’m not complaining—-last year I got to shoot the NFC Champtionship game, so at least I got one game away. Thanks to my buddy for going out of his way to try and make a dream come true. That’s a great friend! :)

> The Late Blog Post
The reason I didn’t get to blog last night was: I was on the panel for a live broadcast of a Google+ hangout, hosted by Trey Ratcliff and broadcast on the Twit network (and YouTube as well). Great panelists, including Jeremy Cowart, RC, Nicole Young, Catherine Hall, Gordan Liang, and Brian Matiash (among others). The topic was: Shoots gone wrong, and everybody shared their horror stories. A great time, and lots of scary stories (Jeremy had a doozy!).

> Light it Issue #5
We are getting lots of wonderful feedback on the current issue, and the magazine is really finding its legs. If you haven’t downloaded the new issue, it’s on the App store.

> Come see me in Dallas and Phoenix
My next stops on my seminar tour are Dallas on Feb 21st, and Phoenix on the 22nd. Hope you can join me (here’s the link). Also, this weekend I’ll be teaching at the ProPhoto Expo in Cincinnati—if you’re going, make sure you stop and say hi! :)

That’s it for today. Sorry for the late post, but after that hangout last night, I was tired I literally fell into bed. Got a decent night’s sleep though. ;-)

Have a great Tuesday everybody! :)

If you’re thinking the ol’ blog here is ready for a fresh coat of paint, I’m with ya on that one, and I’m happy to announce that sometime this week we’re going to flip-the-switch on a new redesigned look and functionality for this blog.

It starts with a logo design (see above) created by my good friend, and Kelby Media Group Creative Director Felix Nelson, who combined my photography with book authoring into one simple logo that covers both.

After that, my in-house Web designer Fred Maya customized a new WordPress template for me, which gives me the ability to post larger sized photos with my posts (which means less having to click to see a larger version), plus a nice large sized-gallery at the top of the blog and a update of my portfolio, too (thanks to RC Concepcion for that piece of the puzzle).

There’s lots of functionality tweaks for me, since we pretty much started over from scratch with this one, but one that I hope you all will like is a new, much-updated and improved Commenting feature (the one I’ve been using is pretty darn old and outdated). The new look isn’t radically different from the existing one, but it definitely has some advantages for me, and hopefully for you, too!

Anyway, look for the new look this week, and my thanks to Felix for the logo, and to Fred who has been working on this update for a while and has tweaked it more times than any of us can count (since I’ve had a hard time making up my mind).

A heartfelt thank you to the American Society of Photographers ( for presenting me with their ASP International Award (below). Here’s a little bit about the award from the ASP:

“Our Society presents this award annually to a firm or person that we feel has contributed in a special or significant way to the ideals of Professional Photography as an art and a science.”

It’s a tremendous honor to receive this award, particularly given the previous recipients, including George Hurrell, Dr. Edwin Land (inventor of the Polaroid), Thomas Knoll, Jay Stock, Graham Nash, and Robert Farber among others.

I would like to thank all the talented and gifted photographers who?ve taught me so much over the years: Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Vincent Versace, Bill Fortney, David Ziser, Jim DiVitale, Helene Glassman, Anne Cahill, Kevin Ames, Frank Doorhof, Jack Reznicki and Jay Maisel. I’m greatly indebted to these amazing photographers and I share this award with them.

I found a wonderful place in my office to keep this beautiful award, and each time I look at it I’ll be reminded of the recipients who came before me and how truly humbled and grateful I am to the American Society of Photographers to have presented me with this prestigious award.

When I was out in Los Angeles for my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” tour, USA Today came by for an interview about what I take on the road when I travel. They did a cool little video where they show all the tech (and non-tech) stuff I travel with, and in the article they list everything I carry in my Think Tank Photo laptop bag.

The article, and video, are online now in Jefferson Graham’s “Talking Your Tech” section (Jefferson is a photographer himself), here’s the link to the online version of the story (and the video) is below. The story is in today’s print edition of USA Today in their Tech Section.

UPDATE: I got a copy of USA Today at the hotel this morning, and here’s how it looks in the print edition (see below):

Onto the Big Game
It was a history-making game last night as Saints Quarterback Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s all time Single Season Passing record and it was amazing to be there to witness it. Got lots of shots of Drew right when it happened, and I’ll share some of those shortly, but it’s 1:50 am and I’ve got a flight home in the morning, so I’m hitting the sack

Even through the Falcons lost (Boooo), it was still a lot of fun, and I had a bunch of buddies there shooting the game, including Matt Lange, Michael Benford, and Chuck Barnes (among others), so the game was a blast, and the lighting for a Dome stadium, was pretty amazing. What a great night!!! (and I am beat!).

Hope you all have a great Tuesday, and I’ll be posting some photos soon!

I knew it. Nik SO gets the iPad experience that it’s no surprise that Apple named Nik Software’s photo editing App Snapseed their “iPad App of the Year.” I looked back in my email to this summer, and dug up an email I sent to a friend who works for Nik when he asked if I had tried out the Beta of Snapseed. Here’s what I wrote to him back then:

“It feels like this is what Apple was hoping somebody would finally do in an App for the iPad. You leveraged the things that make the iPad great, and combined it with the creative power that makes Nik [Software] plug-ins so great. I would tell you I’m impressed, but that doesn’t go nearly far enough for what you have guys have managed to pull off.”

My congrats to Nik Software You guys did it! :-)