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Hi Gang: We had so many questions yesterday about my new Flash-based portfolio that RC Concepcion put together for me, that we thought he might be helpful if he did a Q&A for you guys, and RC being RC, he was more than happy to. Here’s a quick Q&A from RC himself:

Q. Great Job with Scott’s Portfolio! I love it!
A. That’s not really a question, but an awesome statement. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Q. I’m having a hard time figuring out the navigation. It took me a little bit to figure out how to advance the pictures/see the arrows/move around
A. In the portfolio, all you really need to do is move the mouse slightly and you can see the navigation icons. From there, I would think the next impulse you’d have would be to click.. it’s what I do.

Q. I miss the Thumbnails
A. This is one version of a component that doesn’t include thumbnails, and I have to say – I really prefer it over having them online. The best way that I can equate it is like this: When someone handed you a physical portfolio, how anti-climactic would it have been to see all of the pictures on a small contact sheet before you even began. Part of the portfolio process (hard cover) was to turn that page and “Ahhhh..” See the next image in the series. If you really spent time looking at the portfolio, you used those images to carry a theme along and move the ‘energy’ of your work up, up, up. All of that just becomes “Photo Collecting” when its on a thumbnail list. Does this mean that this is wrong? Not at all.. there are components that -have- thumbnails. Just means that this one is different.

Q. Did you design this component?
A. Absolutely not! That honor goes to Tomuta Tiberiu from Flash Web Design in Romania. Tibi just knocked it out of the park on this one by providing something that is modular, engaging, AND cheap! All of that code cost 50 bucks to use. Think of that next time a web design service wants to charge you 2 grand for a site! When my class comes online – I’ll show you how to take pieces like this and put it together with a strategy.

Q. Hey, no fair! You didn’t even build this!
A. Hey! Not a question! But I will address it this way. I had a conversation with Scott in NY some time ago that set me on this course.. so I invariably owe it to him. As a photographer, your job is to develop the best Pictures. The website is a means to an end. You’re not trying to win a website design award with your site, but you want it to look clean, sharp, engaging, and stylish. I’d argue you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing so AND you don’t want to go back to college to do this. In this, components can help.

If I design a site to sell pocketbooks.. would it be cheating if I bought a shopping cart solution and didn’t hand program one from scratch? Nope. I don’t write my email program from scratch either – I use Outlook. Look at these components as what they are – Tools- and you’ll realize you can be better spending your time taking pictures than sweating the technology.

My buddy, and photography Web wizard, RC Concepcion set me up with a totally new online portfolio layout, and what I really like about it is that is kind of takes up the full size of your Browser, giving you a much larger view of each image (which was the most common complaint about my old online portfolio). You can click the Portfolio link on the left side of this page, or what the heck---just click here. The way I wound up with having RC do this in the first place is, he's working on an online class on how to find inexpensive Flash components and use them for things like custom portfolios which you can easily maintain yourself without having to know Flash at all. They're all XML-based, and even though his class isn't up live yet, he was kind enough to let…

Man, did I start this year off right!!! I started by shooting the Outback Bowl (Auburn vs. Northwestern) on New Years Day for Southcreek Global Media (some of my favorites are shown below), and then on Saturday I caught a flight up to Detroit to shoot the Lions/Bears game at Ford Field on Sunday (I’ll post some of those Thursday). The Outback Bowl was kind of dicey because it rained just about the entire first half, so I had to use (and improvise) some rain gear. I had some Kata rain gear my buddy Dave had bought me a while back, and I used it to protect my D3, but I didn’t have anything to cover my 200-400mm lens, so I had to improvise with a black garbage bag and some rubberbands (it wasn’t pretty---but it worked). A note about protective rain gear: I…

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I caught an early flight to St. Louis, Missouri to shoot the Houston Texans at St. Louis Rams NFL football game at the Edward Jones dome. (Click on the photos for a larger view) Although I did shoot some of the game (when the Ram's offense was on the field), I was actually there on assignment to shoot starting Middle Linebacker James Laurinaitis (#55) shown below. Of course, as a linebacker James is on Defense, so when he was on the field, my job was just to isolate on him and hope he didn't wind up in a big crushing pile of guys where he'd get lost from a camera perspective, or that the play wasn't a quick slant to the far sideline where the receiver gets tackled right away, so James didn't need to get involved. The image above is…

OK, they're not "technically" High-Def prints----I call them 'high definition' because to me they look like the difference between an HD television and a regular television (they are that good!). These are the prints on metal (aluminum) from Imagewizards (I talked about their prints earlier this year---here's the link), and even though I've seen other prints on metal, I've never seen metal prints like theirs (don't confuse these with printing on metallic paper---this isn't printing on paper at all---your image is printed on Aluminum (they call it AluminArte). The detail is insane!!!). Since the detail is insane, we asked them for an insane deal. Here it is: Two (2) of their 16 x 24" Framed images for $250 NOTE: Their Regular Price is $237.61 each, so you're saving around $225.22!!!) One 24" x 32" Framed image for $250 NOTE: Regular price is $322.77 (you…

Scott Bourne over at the Photo Focus podcast was kind enough (read as: crazy enough) to have me on as his Guest host this week, and we just had a ball fielding all sorts of questions from his listeners. We really covered some interesting and varied topics, so if you've got a few minutes, head over there and check it out----Scott is a teriffic host and I think you'll enjoy it (OK, when I said "Scott" that time I was talking about Scott Bourne). :) Here's the link (and thanks to Scott for having me on).