The #1 Troubleshooting Fix For Photoshop & Lightroom

It’s actually two little things to do; the first one is a no-brainer, the second one (the main one) you’d kinda have to know the secret handshake to make it work, but chances are it’s going to fix whatever is messing with your copy of Photoshop or Lightroom, and get you back up and running right.

It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Hope you find it helpful.

Hope I get to meet you at my seminar here today in Seattle, or on Friday in Portland. 

Have an great Tuesday everybody. :)



  1. So probably a stupid question, but if the Preferences are reset to factory fresh, that would mean all my preference choices are erased and I have to re-enter them?

    1. Yep …

      That’s why I no longer delete my preferences out of hand. What I do is restore the preference file (in the User/Library/Preferences folder) with a backup version using Time Machine from a time when I know I had no issues.

      Saves a ton of time trying to reset everything or recalling exactly how you had all those options set.

      1. Thanks! Always suspected but no one ever mentions the downside! Will follow your method.

      2. I’m always suspicious of restoring files, but usually only when it’s major software versions – no telling what developers changed and how using something “older” might conflict. What I do is keep a folder with screenshots of all my preference settings, panel by panel and then walk through with the windows side-by-side, click them off. Takes a few minutes, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got them fully back to where I was. When I do make changes, I just save the screenshot of the panel again.

      3. Yes, it would be problematic to restore across different versions … I wouldn’t recommend that … I would would only go back a day to a few at most … not restore from a version or two ago … that would be adding fuel to the fire you are trying to extinguish.

        Since Time Machine backs up quite often and incrementally … it’s rather easy to get to a point where there are no longer issues.

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