Larry Becker was my guest this week on The Grid, and he was just awesome with some really great tips throughout. We cover a lot in this episode, and there’s lot of great comments, questions, and I think you’ll really enjoy it (the episode is above – you can play the episode and just listen to the audio in the background).

Hope that starts off your Monday right!

I’m off to Dallas tomorrow for my seminar there in Arlington on Wednesday. If you want to join me, and few other hundred photographers, it’s not too late (here’s the link).

Have a great Monday!



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  1. never eating chocolate pudding again.
    thanks Larry…

  2. Scott, If only I had have signed up for Kelbyone aka “NAPP & Kelby Training” earlier, I think I spent 6 months watching PSUTV before I signed up.
    I am the photographer/artist today not because of the college photography program I am currently in, but becuase of Kelbyone. Since I started a 2 year college photography in sept. 2015. I have learned more from Kelbyone then I did so far in school.
    Lets me put it this way, Kelbyone gave the knowledge and school gave me the tools to apply that knowledge.
    Thanks again Scott for everything you’ve done for photography education.

  3. Old gym bag with old underwear on top- skid streak optional

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