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Terry White, over at the “Adobe Creative Suite Podcast,” video-taped the full Photoshop World opening keynote, and you can see not only Adobe’s full keynote (including the sneak-peek at the online version of Photoshop, called “Photoshop Express,”) and some very cool 3D plug-ins that extend the power of Photoshop, but the “Photoshop CS3 for iPhone” spoof that we created to introduce Adobe’s VP Johnny L, (who’s not only a really great guy, but an absolute first-class presenter and totally “not a suit.” That’s him pictured above during the keynote [photo by Terry White] ). You can watch the keynote right here. (Thanks to Terry for making this available).


Epson America has just launched a very well-done site for pros using Epson’s pro line of printing products. Besides being the home of some stunning photography, there are direct links to Epson drivers and support, links to their pro-quality archival papers, inks, a list of upcoming events, along with success stories, and info on their new line of wide format printers (I’m drooling over the 7880 myself). It’s very well done and definitely worth bookmarking. Here’s the link.


If you get a chance to pick up the October issue of ShutterBug magazine, six pages in there’s a full page ad (shown above) featuring a headshot I took using Westcott’s Spiderlites (Actually, it was just one Spiderlite, which is an amazing daylight-balanced fluorescent continuous light with a softbox attachment) and a 30″ Westcott silver reflector which I used in an over/under “clamshell” lighting set-up).

I’ve become somewhat of a Spiderlite evangelist (OK, Spiderlite freak) since the first time I saw them used live at a Monte Zucker seminar last year. Then earlier this year I got a chance to use them myself during a two-day Lightroom hands-on workshop, and I was totally hooked.

When it came time to kick off my nationwide Lightroom Live tour, I called B&H Photo to order a set of Spiderlites for the tour, and I’ve been using them ever since. They’ve created quite a buzz on the tour, because once you see them used live, you’ve got to have ’em. In fact, they’re so popular with my Lightroom Tour students, that B&H Photo put together “The Scott Kelby Studio Kit,” which features the same exact set-up I use on the tour (2 TD-5 Spiderlites with softboxes, 2 Light stands, plus a Westcott Illuminator two-sided [black/white] collapsible background and pop-up stand. Here’s the link to the kit over at B&H.

[Note: I don’t get any royalty or fee if you buy the kit; B&H put the kit together as a courtesy to my students. As for the Westcott print campaign; I don’t get paid for that either; I don’t do paid endorsements, so if you see me supporting a product or service, not only do I use it myself, you must know I really, really like it a lot].


Scott Sherman of “The Digital Photography Show” (shown above with me during the lunch break at my DC Lightroom Tour on Monday—photo by the ubiquitous Dave Moser), did a segment on this week’s show on the tour itself, and he interviewed me for this episode (which is already online) where we talked about the tour, and I unveiled the concept behind my new upcoming Photoshop book, “Scott Kelby’s Seven-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3”, which is already in production, and will be in bookstores next month. You can listen to the show right there on their Website (here’s the link).

Thanks to Scott (and co-host Michael Stein), for having me on, and for creating such a cool (and fast growing) show, with such great, enthusiastic listeners.

NOTE: Scroll down to the next post for the latest Wednesday news. :)


Here’s what’s going on:

  • There’s a free online article called “30 Secret Photoshop Shortcuts” over at, and although there are dozens of sites that claim to have Photoshop “secret tips,” their tips actually are quite good, undocumented tips, very well-presented and definitely worth a look (you will pick up some useful shortcuts for sure). Here’s the link.
  • During the keynote at Photoshop World last week, Adobe introduced an official logo for Photoshop (kind of like a service mark that means “Photoshop),” along with the official tag line; “Photoshop: See What’s Possible.” (both are shown above).I liked the tag-line the very first time I heard it (I really think it fits), but at first I really didn’t like the “logo” at all (thinking it looked like a cartoon “talk bubble” at first glance), but after a short time, it does start to grow on you, and now I’m becoming fairly comfortable with it (I didn’t say I really like it now. I said “I’m “becoming fairly comfortable with it”). Here a link to a series of video clips on Adobe’s site which introduce the entire Adobe Photoshop family of products, and you can see the new logo in use on that page.
  • There’s a nice step-by-step video tutorial on Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter and how to use it as a portrait lighting effect. The tutorial, called “Lighting in CS3” is over at (the how-to magazine for everything Adobe), and it’s from photographer Chris Alvanas. Worth checking out (click here to watch it online).
  • The “Your Mac Life” radio show has posted a load of cool photos from last week’s Photoshop World Conference & Expo out in Vegas. If you’ve got a sec, click here to see what you missed. Also, we’ve uploaded even more shots from the event at the Photoshop World site (here’s the link to those).
  • Yesterday I talked about the “National Coalition Against Sharp Photos” (NCASP) and how I was stopped on more than one occasion for using a tripod (in both DC and out in Nevada). This led me to a very cool blog called “” from attorney Carolyn E. Wright, who commented on my “no tripods here” experience on her blog. I wish I had found her very helpful blog earlier (at least before the Police had stopped me), but beyond her comment on my situation, her blog is really excellent, and if you’re at all concerned about copyright and legal issues, this is a site that should be on your radar big time. Here’s the link.

That’s it for this Wednesday. Hope you have a kick-butt day, and keep showing those pixels who’s boss! :)