I’m Featured In Westcott’s New Print Ad Campaign


If you get a chance to pick up the October issue of ShutterBug magazine, six pages in there’s a full page ad (shown above) featuring a headshot I took using Westcott’s Spiderlites (Actually, it was just one Spiderlite, which is an amazing daylight-balanced fluorescent continuous light with a softbox attachment) and a 30″ Westcott silver reflector which I used in an over/under “clamshell” lighting set-up).

I’ve become somewhat of a Spiderlite evangelist (OK, Spiderlite freak) since the first time I saw them used live at a Monte Zucker seminar last year. Then earlier this year I got a chance to use them myself during a two-day Lightroom hands-on workshop, and I was totally hooked.

When it came time to kick off my nationwide Lightroom Live tour, I called B&H Photo to order a set of Spiderlites for the tour, and I’ve been using them ever since. They’ve created quite a buzz on the tour, because once you see them used live, you’ve got to have ’em. In fact, they’re so popular with my Lightroom Tour students, that B&H Photo put together “The Scott Kelby Studio Kit,” which features the same exact set-up I use on the tour (2 TD-5 Spiderlites with softboxes, 2 Light stands, plus a Westcott Illuminator two-sided [black/white] collapsible background and pop-up stand. Here’s the link to the kit over at B&H.

[Note: I don’t get any royalty or fee if you buy the kit; B&H put the kit together as a courtesy to my students. As for the Westcott print campaign; I don’t get paid for that either; I don’t do paid endorsements, so if you see me supporting a product or service, not only do I use it myself, you must know I really, really like it a lot].

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