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The More Things Change…

A little over 10 years ago Scott asked me to write a guest blog post. At the time I was working at a small advertising agency in Monroe, LA with a passion for doing photography. I had a few opportunities to photograph Louisiana Tech sporting events alongside Donald Page. I’m not sure either one of us really had any idea of where the future would take us, but it’s amazing what all you can pack into a 10 year span.  I’ll do my best…


In 2012 I got my shot with the Atlanta Falcons. Scott posted about the journey here. It was go time. I knew this was what I wanted to do and I knew I wanted to rise in the industry.

I spent two seasons with the Falcons. This was my first time spent as a creative for a sports team. By no means was this a new position in sports.  My boss, Michael Benford, I believe was going on his 10th year at the time.  My eyes were wide open. In 2011, when I was doing everything I could do to make any sort of name for myself as a sports creative, it was mostly just creating at my house. No flash. So imagine when I went from Spencer St., in Ruston, LA, to the Atlanta Falcons Headquarters. I was surrounded by likeminded people who ate, slept, and breathed sports the same way I did. Mike hired me as a graphic designer but he also knew that I could take a pretty decent game photo. So I had that going for me.

In 2012, in sports, there really weren’t a lot of options as a creative. You had graphic designers, videographers and a director. Social media was just starting to really become a thing. We had Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, obviously, but from a creative stand point I remember really only doing a handful of graphics that would server as headers for articles or promote our matchups. Most of the other things fell on to the web as banner advertisements.

I learned under Benford about the importance of brand and brand consistency. The ‘why’ we do something. Before, I would just do things that I thought were cool with no real reason for it. Michael taught me how to mesh the cool with goals of our brand. And on Sundays, well Sundays we took the field and I did so with my camera in my hand. The same camera that got me to this point.

I was at home on the sideline. Each weekend I would look for a way to sharpen my skills a little bit more. I watched how most photographers clumped together and shot from the same elevation with monopods…so I moved away and never used a monopod. I shoot low. I want the hero shot. I want the ‘other’ shots. The game unfolds between the lines…you follow it.  But there are other things.