Daily Archives April 10, 2020

Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques with Scott Kelby

Take your Photoshop and Lightroom Classic portrait workflow to the next level! Building on his previous class, Intermediate Lighting Setups with Profoto, Scott Kelby steps through his editing routine for the final images from the ballerina shoot.

In this class you’ll learn the steps Scott takes for completing the compositing of the plate shots, cleaning up distractions from the backgrounds, making tonal value adjustments, completing the silhouette shots, adjusting color, and so much more. Be sure to watch the first class to see how each photo was made on location, then come back and see the final images come to life.

In Case You Missed It: Lighting Portraits on Location

Take your location lighting to the next level with Scott Kelby! In this KelbyOne Community inspired class, Scott gives you more of what you have been asking for, which is demonstrating a variety of lighting setups you can use on location. Whether you are shooting with strobes or speedlights, you’ll be able to learn the camera settings and lighting placement needed to recreate these awesome looks.

Scott starts off the class with a discussion of gear and settings, and then he’s off doing shoot after shoot in a variety of locations with both male and female subjects. By the end of the class you’ll be ready to light your next portrait session in new ways.

On Monday I brought the 5-part series I started here on the blog called “Come with me on a journey about your photography” in for a landing, with a live-webcast that brought the whole thing together.

The response was awesome — thousands of photographers watched it live, and thousands more have watched the replay since. I’m posting here for you in case you missed it so you can use it as weekend project (or what the heck, a during the week while we’re stuck indoors project). There are lots of things for you to do, so it will take a bit of doing, but when you get through it, you’ll be astonished what you’ll have learned about you, your own photography, and how to start taking the type of images you really want to be making.

Above: Don’t the fact that it looks like I’m about to sneeze in the thumbnail above deter you, it’s a relatively germ-free experience.

Hope you found that helpful, and that it keeps you busy, keeps you from getting bored this weekend, and helps move you forward for when this awful virus is behind us.



P.S. On Tuesday, I’ll be doing another free “open to everybody” webcast, and this one is a “Follow Along Live” webcast on an introduction to Photoshop compositing for landscape and portrait photographers. 11:00 AM ET, Tuesday, at http://kelbyonelive.com/webcast