Daily Archives June 24, 2021

Creativly Recharge your Photography w/Sam Haddix & Dave DeBaeremaeker | The Grid Ep. 476

This week’s episode of The Grid is helmed by Erik Kuna, who is joined by Sam Haddix and Dave DeBaermaeker! Together, they discuss creatively recharging your photography and take viewer’s comments and questions. Tune in for another great episode you won’t want to miss!

New KelbyOne Course: Introduction to Toy Photography

Unlock story telling with toy photography! Join Dave DeBaeremaeker to learn how to get started photographing toys indoors and out, using the gear you already have, to bring concepts from your imagination to life. Dave takes you through the gear he uses, considerations for choosing toys as subjects, tips on posing, and demonstrates his workflow from shooting the scene through post processing to creating the final image. By the end of the class you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and start telling your stories.