#3: Of 10 Things You Didn’t Realize (or forgot) were in Photoshop

OK, we’re back with another — this time it’s three little features/options/shortcuts/whatever for the Move tool and they are actually pretty darn handy (One I use multiple times every single day — don’t know what I’d do with out it). Check ’em out below (it’s a really quick video):

Hope you found that helpful.


Tomorrow, my guest blogger is none other than Amsterdam-based Fashion Photographer, Book Author, and Educator, Frank Doorhof
I love Frank, and have learned a lot from him — make sure you check out this post tomorrow (PLUS: if you live in Santa Cruz, he’s doing a one-day workshop there that will blow your mind. What an opportunity! Here’s the details).

Have a great Tuesday everybody, and we’ll see you here tomorrow for Frank’s Guest Post. :)




  1. So simple, yet elusive. All of those time saving deals you were so great at in all of those Ps videos.

    I have to tell ya Scott, I really miss these 1.5 hour tutorials YOU yourself made back in the day. It’s the entire reason — 100% of why I joined NAPP to begin with. I hope you find time to make more of them in the future and do what it is you do so well. #Paris_Editing_in_a_Cafe

  2. That really is a great tip. The transform shortcut is going to really save me time – I hate going up to the Edit menu to find it (and there is no shortcut key?).
    And the auto select is great too. I installed PS on a new computer and was so frustrated because it wasn’t auto selecting like my old computer – took me a while to find that check box. I didn’t know about the temporary one too!

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