3 Quick Things: New Issue of Light it; Stay with Me; Feel Some Grid Love.

The new issue of “Light It” magazine is here!
We publish a magazine for the iPad for people into hot shoe flash and/or studio lighting and the latest issue is now available for download from the App Store (that’s the cover above, with a cover shot by yours truly — it’s from my regular column called “Lighting Recipes” where I show the final image, and then the behind-the-scenes images, camera set-up, lighting set-up and the whole ball of wax so you can not only see how it’s done, you can do it yourself. Lots of awesome stuff in this issue, so I hope you’ll check it out.

Stay with me at the Rosen Centre Hotel
If you’re joining us in Orlando in April for the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, stay where me and all the instructors are staying â” the Rosen Centre Hotel (a very nice hotel right directly across the street from the convention center). They’ve got a special room rate just for our convention attendees ((rooms are only $159 per night + tax if you grab one now), but when those rooms are gone… they’re gone… so if you want to stay with me at the Rosen, here’s the link with the discount codes and all that stuff.

“5 Incredible Online Communities to Get Genuine Feedback on Your Photography” list
A big shout-out to the LightStalking blog (and Tiffany Mueller) for giving our free weekly show for photographers “The Grid” some love about our monthly “Blind Photo Critiques” episodes by including us in their list of ““5 Incredible Online Communities to Get Genuine Feedback on Your Photography.” By the way, we had a great episode this past week with Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner as our in-studio guest. If you’ve got a sec —  here’s the link to LightStalking’s full list of 5 incredible online communities for genuine feedback. (our humble thanks to LightStalking.com for including us. We were pretty psyched when we saw our name on that list!).

Lastly, check out our “Seven Conferences in One” concept for this year’s Photoshop World (above).
It’s an exciting new concept for us, and people are totally digging it (the short video above explains it). I don’t want to spoil it, so just watch the really short video where I explain it.

Oh yeah, more one thing
I have a cool announcement set for Thursday here on the blog that I hope will only marginally interrupt our regularly scheduled “Free Stuff Thursday.” We’re doing something I haven’t seen anyone do  —-  ever (I gotta tell ya — it’s not for everybody, but the people that go “Oh man — that is for me!” are going to lose their minds!) so make sure you mark on your calendars to check back with me here on Thursday. PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE: Ken Toney, don’t send me a private email asking me to tell you what the secret is — it’s “too secret” even for you! LOL!

Have a great Tuesday and we’ll see you back here tomorrow when a sports photography legend takes over for Guest Blog Wednesday. Cheers! -Scott 


  1. I guess we can’t call Ken “Scoop” anymore! I’m hoping there’s the words “Android” and “Light It” somewhere in the post title…. :-)
    Scott, when you invite us to stay with you at the Rosen, it sounds like you’re getting a really big room with plenty of roll-away cots available. Unless that’s what you meant!

      1. Ken, I think he gets a kick out of messing with us. But I bet this Thursday announcement will be CAKB!! :-)

  2. The new issue of Light It may have been my favorite one yet, great info and tutorials, good to see Larry B nailing it again with his piece on small flash gels!

    1. Seriously, it’s coming about as well as Bjork’s conversation from her iPad magazine to an Android version (except she just came out and said it wasn’t feasible and publically cancelled the Android version). This isn’t just a simple port — this is pretty much a nightmare and we’ll have little to show for it once it’s done. Sorry for leaving you “in the dark.” (grumble, grumble). :(

  3. Why isn’t there an Android version I can view on my MacBook using Windows 8 after downloading from my smartphone.
    Sorry, just trying to beat the iPad haters to the punch.

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