5 Awesome Courses To Watch This Weekend

Hi Gang: Ready for some serious learning this weekend? Here’s my pick for five classes (including a coupla my own) to make the most of these next few days. Check these out:

(1) Master Post-Processing: 10 Mistakes Every New Photographer Makes and How to Fix Them” with Kristi Sherk
People are absolutely raving about her class. Start with it. You’ll love it, too!

(2) Going From Flat to Fabulous in Photoshop (with me) 
Come with me as I take a bunch of flat images straight out of the camera, and show you exactly step-by-step how to make them fabulous. Plus, I give you the practice files to download and follow right along.

(3) Post Processing Landscape Photos in Camera Raw with Moose Peterson
Moose truly gives you a different perspective on post processing landscapes, and really talks about the “Whys” in a really significant way, and of course, you’ll learn all the “hows” too. You’ll learn a lot.

(4) Inexpensive and DIY Photo Gear Tricks with Larry Becker
Larry is the master of saving money on gear, and his class is a hit. Very clever stuff (and he’s really entertaining just to listen to).

(5) Photo Recipes: Dramatic Lighting with…me!
In one of the installments from my new series of lighting, I cover Dramatic Lighting, and we do some fun, creative things, and I even include the retouching, so you see the entire process from start to finish.

There ya have it. If you’re not a KelbyOne member yet, you can still watch all these classes for free this weekend – just take the 10-day free trial and you can start watching them immediately.

Here’s the link to get started.

Next week, let me know which ones were your favorites. Have a great weekend, and I hope to see ya back here on Monday.



P.S. It’s just 11-days until Photoshop World 2016 in Vegas kicks off. If you want come and join us, it’s not too late. 


  1. So, did you get ANOTHER guitar for your birthday yesterday? ? ? ? ? ???

    Scott, I’m heading to Kennebunkport, ME tomorrow, then on to Bar Harbor, ME next week for vacation. Any photo opportunities/ places not to miss that you can recommend from your past trips? I invested in a Big Stopper for some long exposure photos. Excited to use it!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Hey john. Make sure you go to Cape Porpoise- right down the way from Kennebunkport- maybe 10 min. Go at sunset. Still water in the harbor and beautiful scenes. There’s also a great breakfast place as you leave town – about 5 min from downtown on the right. Really good – it’s called “All day Breakfast.”

      1. All Day Breakfast it is, then! We were looking for a place to go to this AM.
        Went to Cape Porpoise late yesterday, but the weather didn’t cooperate….cloudy, gloomy, then rain. :-( I did see the boat you took a picture of and posted on Instagram recently. Check your Facebook feed, as I posted a picture of it. Just a snapshot with my phone, but it’s the same white boat. Thanks for the tips, my friend!!

  2. Today i watched your “getting up to speed with PS 2015.5” and Kristina’s “Master Post-Processing”. New in PS 2015.5 favorites you covered were the ease of getting quick auto-glyphs for type and the select & mask. And i loved Kristina’s format of giving us “in-camera” fixes and then “in-PS” fixes for every problem—Fantastic!

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