A big thanks to everybody who tuned in yesterday. It was our biggest debut for any show we’ve ever done, and we’ve gotten loads of positive feedback from viewers, which really made our day!

We also had lots of questions, so I thought I’d addresses a few of them here today in a quick Q&A. Here goes:

Q. I thought you were going to rebroadcast the show?
A. We are.

Q. So where is it?
A. It should appear in iTunes later today, and we hope to have our archived version posted any time now at KelbyTV.com/thegrid. (UPDATE: The premiere episode is now up!)

Q. What’s taking so long?
A. I asked my video crew the same question, and they told me they had to compress over 20GB of data down to something reasonable for the Web and that takes time. They were kind of snippy about it, too.

Q. Why does everything that has to do with video take so darn long?
A. I wish I knew. It drives me nuts, but this probably explains why I shoot stills.

Q. You know, I can’t watch the Grid on my iPad?
A. Actually, you can—you just can’t watch it live as it happens (although we’re working on that). Once it gets posted to iTunes, you can watch the rebroadcast right on your iPad.

Q. Hey, speaking of iPad—how’s that Kelby Training App coming?
A. Hey, look over there—-what’s that shiny object? (Misdirection in progress, because I don’t have a solid answer. It’s a moving target. Anytime I ask someone on my staff about it, they quickly move in a different direction).

Q. Did I hear you mention you’re going to have some drop-in guests via Facetime?
A. Absolutely, and we expect to uncork that genie on next week’s show.

Q. It looked like you guys were inundated with comments from viewers?
A. It was insane, which is great, but bad at the same time, because it was impossible to keep up with the flow of comments, and there were a LOT of great comments. We have a better in-studio plan for managing them next week, so hopefully we’ll get to more comments on the air on next week’s show.

Q. Will the show air at the same time each week?
A. Yup—12:30 PM EST. At least, that’s the plan anyway. And like always, we plan to air a 13-week season.

Q. So Matt won’t be on next week?
A. Yeah, he’s heading to Houston for his Lightroom 3 tour on Wednesday (link), and then he’s off to Amsterdam to do the keynote for Adobe at Professional Imaging 2011, so I invited RC Concepcion to co-host with me, and he graciously accepted, rather than file for unemployment. (Kidding. Just a joke).

Q. How come you don’t get to do cool stuff like that?
A. Because currently my job is chase employees throughout the building until I find the one who will tell me when I’m going to have a Kelby Training iPad App. This is a 10-hour per day job, and so far it has yielded no results. But tomorrow’s always another day.

Q. I kept asking questions about lenses, but you guys never took my question. How come?
A. The show is actually a talk show, about industry topics, the business of Photoshop and photography, gear insights, and stuff like that. For questions like that, post a comment for Larry and RC over at D-Town TV, which is a show about lenses, and cameras, and stuff like that.

Q. Where can I read the comments from the first episode of “The Grid”?
A. On Twitter search for our Twitter hashtag #thegridlive

Q. Do you have the results from the DSLR Video poll yet?
Just got ’em. They are:

Weddings – 4%
Photojournalism – 4%
Self Promotion – 6%
Family/personal – 19%
Other – 11%
Don’t use it – 58%

Q. Scott, what do you see as your main role in this new show?
A. I don’t have any false notions about why I’m there. I’m there because they need some eye candy. Something pretty to look at. I knew that going in, but I’m actually cool with it.

Q. Were you nervous doing a live show like this?
Not at all. Broadcasting live, where every little screw-up has the potential to snowball into a full blown disaster, has a real calming effect. It’s relaxing. Kind of like diffusing a bomb while juggling chainsaws.

Q. I notice you didn’t mention HDR. How come?
A. Anytime you mention HDR, you can almost count the seconds until somebody pulls a knife. There’s always next week’s show though, and with RC co-hosting I think there’s a fair chance somebody’s going to get shanked.

Q. Hey, who designed your set? I really like it.
A. It was designed by our own in-house set designer, video art director, and just amazing all-around designer Nicole Procunier.

Q. It looked like you were in that movie Tron.
A. We were. Well, Matt was. I was at Chili’s having a salad.

Q. I liked that Jeremy Cowart guy. How can I stalk him?
A. F
ollow Jeremy on Twitter (I do) by going to @jeremycowart. He’s totally into Twitter and if you follow him, you’ll never be alone.

Q. Scott, are you on Twitter?
A. Absolutely. You can follow me by going to @scottkelby. Matt is @mattkloskowski.

Q. I tried to follow you on Facebook, but it says you have too many friends
A. What it really means is; I have too many pending friend requests, but since I never post there, I never check my pending friend requests either (My regular Facebook page is just for personal friends (people who have my cell number, with the possible exception of Vanelli). However, I have a public Facebook page where I post and comment regularly at facebook.com/skelby and I hope you’ll stop by, hit the Like button, and then we’re connected like Legos.

Q. Thanks Scott. You will let us know when that Kelby Training App comes out, right?
A. Sorry, I can’t hear you. I’m going through a tunnel.

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