Acrylic Mounting for Images Totally Rocks!!!!

I had one of my favorite shots from last football season made into a HUGE print with acrylic-photo mounting, and although you can’t really tell from this picture, it is just insane!!! The clarity and quality is just off the hook (I got this one from By the way, look how calm Brad looks holding this print. He had been drinking for hours. Well, as far as I could tell anyway.

One thing you can’t see from our photo is that the acrylic sits on top of the image, so I made a screen cap of their site (above) and you can see how it plays out. See how thick the acrylic is on top of the photo? That’s what gives it its look. By the way, if you’re wondering if all that acrylic adds to the weight of the image, it absolutely does. Big time! (Now, it’s not quite that thick on my giant wall-sized print, so it’s not crazy heavy, but on smaller images like one Brad had made of a concert shot, you can really feel the weight, so you probably don’t want to go walking around all day long carrying it. Just sayin’).

Anyway, I’m always looking for some new interesting way to display printed images, and I thought this one was pretty unique (Everybody that’s seen it in our offices always raves about how it came out). Once we get it hung (later this week, I hope), I’ll share a photo of it hanging over on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday, and we’ll see you here tomorrow for Guest Blog Wednesday. :)

  1. I just bought a house and have been looking for tips on displaying prints other than hanging a frame. I could see a future blog post on this. It could cover types of prints and how to mount/hang them. Thanks for the great post Scott.

  2. That looks awesome, how do you think it compares to a metal print. I was just getting
    ready to order an aluminum print…. any thoughts as to which you like better.. the acrylic seems to add some depth to the photo.. any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Darin. Just a heads up on the aluminum printing. I ordered two 16×20’s from Aluminyze earlier this year. Even though they were packaged quite well with thick bubble wrap one of them had a slightly bent corner and the other one had a 1.5 inch hairline scratch on it. It’s impossible to bend back the corner properly and depending on the direction you look at it you will notice it (and of course the scratch too). Overall, for a print with lots of color in it, they look awesome though. I just wished they used a 1-2 mm thicker aluminum, or change to styrofoam packing maybe.

  3. Hey Scott, thanks for the great writeup! We will take good care of the Kelby nation. Folks let me know if there are any specific questions on the process and if you are NAPP members it might be worth checking the discount page over there… just saying … thanks

    1. Hello (insert name here). When I click on your pricing page I see a matrix of sizes but no prices. Do I really have to upload a picture and go through the order process just to see a price? Also, your “Our Products” page link is coming up with a 404 page error.

      1. Hi Bill, I know some of the traffic today has caught them off guard. No need to upload a file see the prices, should be a painless process. I will email you a price list now and get my web team on any issue. Thanks for the heads up, price list coming your way. thanks bg

      2. Hey Bill, having trouble finding your email address. If you could drop me a note at I would be happy to help with any questions and can get you a price list directly. BTW the list seems but be up and stable now but sorry for any inconvenience. thanks bg

      3. Hi bg. No need to e-mail a price list. I now realize that the cost column on your pricing page is missing the $ sign in front of the numbers. I thought it was a measurement number of some type (total inches maybe). So for a 1/2 inch thick 16×20 print the cost would be $115 then. Is that correct? And you can add a stainless backing for $35.

      4. Thanks Bill for the confirmation, and yes you are exactly correct… and that includes stainless brackets and ready to hang… nothing else to buy. Let me know what I can do, thanks brian

  4. I was recently in a photo studio out at The Oasis in Austin, TX on Lake Travis. The pictures were all mounted on acrylic and the color and clarity was amazing. Since then I have been thinking about mounting up a few of my prints on acrylic, but a quick web search didn’t give me what I was looking for, instead coming up with mostly printing onto acrylic – on the front.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks!

  5. Im guessing you started with a 16mp (D4) image? How did you “up-res” the image? Just increase the image size in Photoshop or did you use something like Perfect Resize? And what dpi did you end up printing at? Very cool shot, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Simon, there is a moisture barrier to protect the back of the print, handle with care and it will be fine, for small pieces we recommend out stainless steel backing, nice addition for durability and only a slight upgrade cost wise. Thanks brian

  6. They look great. Seems like a great product. However there is still that annoying glare/reflection that you get with glass. I have had good success varnishing photo rag with Breathing Color’s Timeless satin varnish – no glare or reflections. Print can be mounted to any substrate you like.

  7. I was a click away from ordering a 30 X 20 aluminum product when I realized that iacrylic doesn’t take credit cards – just PayPal. Am I wrong here? If CC’s aren’t accepted, that’s a shame.

  8. I just got my 20 X 30″ metal print from iACRYLIC. Brian worked so much with me to get credit card billing. Actually, I haven’t even paid for this yet. It came in a sturdy wooden crate and looks absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait to order more. Thanks Scott, for turning me on to this!

  9. Scott, I just spoke to Brian at yesterday and they’re shutting down there business. Right at the point that I was ready to place an order and designed an area in my office around their amazing work!

    So, now I’m wondering…any other leads on anyone who does similar quality work, with reasonable prices?

    Brian send me to Marco Fine Arts and Bublejax, but both do 1/4″ acrylic with a backing behind the print – we both know what a difference that 1/2″ makes – like 480p to 1080p!. Both also use exterior bolt mounts that show on the front vs. iacrylic’s back mounting.

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