Adobe is Listening!


I met up with Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty yesterday in the halls of Adobe HQ out in San Jose, California and when I stopped him to talk for two seconds between meetings, he had in his hands a stack of paper; it was a print out of all the ideas you guys posted as comments to my “Lightroom 2.0 Wishlist” blog post from last Friday. :)

Tom had emailed me a nice note just a few hours after I had released my wishlist post on Friday, but I was even more excited to see with my own eyes how seriously Adobe was taking your suggestions and ideas. I wasn’t at all surprised—just totally psyched! Tom did his own follow-up post last night on the Adobe “Lightroom Journal” Blog (Tips and advice straight from the Lightroom team) and you can read it right here.

Thanks to everyone who posted such great ideas here last week, and a special thanks to the entire Lightroom team at Adobe for their dedication to their customers and for working to make a truly great product even better.

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