katrinseanbk.jpgBefore I left, I got my hands on Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan’s new book, “The Creative Digital Darkroom” (Published by O’Reilly publishing) and I have to say—it’s the most complete book I’ve seen on the topic, and packed with so much in-depth info they probably didn’t sleep for a year. Way to go you two!!!

While the ink is still wet on the pages, I want to send a copy of this great new book to eight people who posted killer ideas (as blog comments) to my “Lightroom 2.0 Wishlist” post from last week. These are ideas that struck a chord with me personally (and I hope will with Adobe, too!), and they were just so good, I wanted to do something special for them. The winners of Katrin and Sean’s new book are:

  • Bob Ellis, for his idea of adding a pop-up movable shortcuts palette you can have open while you work in Lightroom
  • Dain, for his idea to have Lightroom’s Back-up warning appear when you close Lightroom (or shut down), rather than when you first open it.
  • Eric, who suggested that Lightroom automatically create and embed a snapshot of the develop settings used when a photo is exported.
  • MRK is That Kid, for the idea of a built-in Neutral Density Gradient Filter.
  • Allen Gambrell, for the ability to output the print to an image file at a specific resolution to be able to send to a pro lab for prints.
  • Rui M Leai, for the suggestion of adding the ability to browse folders without importing
  • Josh Garretson, for the idea of adding filtering like the Adobe Bridge
  • Christer, for the idea of including perspective Corrections within Lightroom

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, with our readers, and most importantly; with Adobe. It matters.

If you didn’t win Katrin and Sean’s new book, you can find it at Barnes & Noble.com or at Amazon.com, or wherever really good books are sold.

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