Adobe Releases Lightroom 1.2 Update and Camera Raw 4.2 Update


Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner (I’ve been in meetings all morning), but Adobe released Lightroom 1.2 a FREE maintenance (bug-fix) update, which also adds support for some new digital cameras (like the Canon EOS 40D, the Fuji FinePix IS-1, Olympus EVOLT E-510, and Panasonic DMC-FZ18 among others). You can download it here for Mac, or here for Windows. That’s it—short and sweet. It’s an update. It makes things better. Mmmmmm. Better. :-)

Adobe also released an update for Camera Raw (bringing it to version 4.2), which add similar support for these new digital cameras. Here’s the Mac link; here’s the Windows link.

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