Adobe Releases Public Beta Version of Photoshop CS6

They’ve been teasing’ it. They’ve been giving sneak peeks.  You knew it wouldn’t be long…and now it’s here — Photoshop CS6 (free public beta version)!

Here’s the link to our Photoshop CS6 Beta Launch Site, with lots of FREE videos, tips, an interview with Photoshop Product Manager Bryan Hughes and lots more! CS6 is here. Whoo Hooo!!!! :-)

  1. Scott the new retouching check list Panel doesn’t work with CS6. I downloaded the new beta today. I love the features I’ve found. Are you going to fix the panel that came with your new retouching book? I think that it is the best book your ever written!

  2. For the first time I’m strongly considering not upgrading. My use is largely Photography driven rather than design or art. I wonder if there is any feature in CS6 that is compelling enough to upgrade when you already have Lightroom + onOne + Nik? Never would have considered that in the past. I’ve used PS since 1.0, rarely missed a version (5 and CS1 are the only ones I’ve ever skipped).

  3. Considering all the new rules that make free Internet service for Iranians
    Adobe site does not yet allow us to download the beta version of Photoshop
    Or even to use the adobe site

  4.  Hey Scott, will you be writing a new “…..For Digital Photographers” book this time, or should those of us who skipped CS5 purchase your CS5 edition?

  5. What’s with the crappy quality videos – they’re
    entirely useless. I can’t read the menus, or make out what tool you’re using.
    And yes, HD is ON. Way to go guys. Looks like you rendered your videos in CD
    (yep, that’s Crap-Def). You’re telling us that this is the biggest release of
    the century, and “the Photoshop Guys” just look embarrassing once
    again. Good job Scottie. Keep rockin’ man, who cares about quality! Erm… ever
    heard of Maybe, check ’em out (and take some notes). Just a
    suggestion. Wouldn’t want to insult your most expertness. Wait a minute, that’s
    not a word.

  6. Are there no pictures taken  strait  out of the camera  ?
     or is it compulsary to use photoshop, [ or any other software  ]  to get fine prints

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