My First Update from Photoshop World, Washington DC

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, and it was a glorious day here in DC as we get ready to kick off our largest East Coast Photoshop World Conference and Expo ever! (The photo above was taken yesterday afternoon by my wife Kalebra with her “Trusty iPhone”).

Here’s a quick update on what’s going here at the convention:

(1) Adobe’s Lightroom Lab on the Expo Floor
Adobe has created a 2nd booth on the show floor (Booth #455), right next to Westcott’s “Shootout Bays” (Booth #443) so you can shoot the live models with Westcott’s lighting and amazingly creative sets, then take your images right next door to Adobe’s lab, upload them and play with them with the new Lightroom 4 (how cool is that!!!).

CONTEST ALERT!!!! Check this out — after you’re done editing in Lightroom 4 at the Adobe lab, you can upload your favorite images to a folder and each day, Adobe will award three winners a free copy of Lightroom 4. At the closing session, they’re going present a grand prize to the best of the nine with a certificate for a full CS6 Design Premium package!!!

(2) You can come visit the Expo Floor FREE this Sunday or Monday
There are lots of classes running on the Expo floor; tons of demos and special expo-only pricing on gear; Adobe will be there (along with Photoshop Product Managers and Engineers), and lots of other vendors with lots of cool stuff to see and learn, and totally lots of fun! Best of all — it’s free. Sign-up now for your free Expo-only pass (good for two admissions) right here. 

(3) Adobe’s keynote Saturday Morning
I imagine that Adobe will be showing off some really amazing Photoshop CS6 stuff during their keynote presentation on Saturday morning, so if you’re here at the conference, make sure you don’t miss it (we have all sorts of surprises during the keynote, too!).

(4) Get my LIVE updates from the conference all-weekend long
I’ll be posting pics from the show on my Google+ page (here’s the link) throughout the week, along with anything new and cool (which we are expecting some big announcements here at the show), so make sure you follow me there.

(5) Get the Official Photoshop World App (it’s free).
If you’re here at the conference, you’re definitely going to want to download our free Photoshop World app. From getting instructor and class information to building your customized conference schedule, The official Photoshop World iPhone app is designed to put every minute of the conference at your fingertips with five sections and a high level of customization:

Features include:
Customizable schedule – Choose by instructor, time, class name, or add an entire track.
Class reminder and map – Countdown to your next event and find it on the built-in map.
Expo map with vendor list and bonus class sessions.
News feed – Track the #PSW hashtag on Twitter and PSW blog feed.
Instructors – Learn more about the pros and their classes.

(6) Follow the Action with Hashcaster
While you’re Tweeting about Photoshop World, why not get breaking #PSW news and even broadcast your own experience on Hashcaster? It’s simple, just log onto the #PSW Hashcaster site at with your Twitter account. Then Tweet your PSW experience like normal using the #PSW Hashtag. You’ll be able to see your Tweets broadcast on the PSW Hashcaster site on any computer or smartphone.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody and learning a bunch of new stuff myself. If you’re here in DC, I hope you’ll catch one or two of my conference sessions (here’s the link to what I’m teaching), and either way, if you see me, make sure you stop and say hi.

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

  1. Wish I could be there, you should have it sometime when it’s not during school, preferably the Vegas one! Late July would be awesome! I’ve been wanting to go since about 4 years ago but am always in school!

  2. I hate to miss my 3rd PSW, nothing better when it comes to photography experience. I am working ICE and can’t be there. I really hate you had the forensic PreCon this time, I would have taken (taught) that. :) Hope to see y’all in Vegas (God willing) and have a great time!

  3. HA! There’s the “tree sticking into the image” thing that you were critiquing someone else’s photo about the other day on The Grid! Here it’s quite nice. Wish I could be there- Have fun man!

  4. You said it, Scott, your wife does have a great photographic eye.  Nice shot, Kalebra!  Welcome.  I’ll see you both at #PSW DC; can’t wait!

  5. Have a great weekend, Scott!  Looks like the cherry blossoms were cooperative this year, making for some great photos (Kalebra’s included…glad that wasn’t a dead tree in the foreground!).

    See you guys in Vegas.  Please save some surprises for those of us going in September! :-)


  6. Scott Have a great Photoshop World!! The picture is beautiful.  We are holding down the fort for you here at home!!  Michelle “The Griff” Griffith, Customer Service. 

  7. Hi Scott,
    I sure wish I could be there.  I will see you in a few months in Vegas.  When I was in Tampa last week for Spring Break, I came by your office.  The doors were locked so I didn’t try to be a pain since I knew you guys were busy getting ready for PSW.  My wife did take a pic of me being me (Dork as she says!) in front of your building.
    See ya in September
    PS I’m sure you know this, but Dave Cross Rocks!

  8. This is the problem with living abroad I only get to witness these things from afar!  Of course there are some advantages…for example some great travel photography experiences to have!  In any event I hope you all have a great time with some great music, friends and opportunities to learn what the industry is doing!  

    I will see you guys there next year!

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