Photos from Photoshop World Washington DC

Hey everyone, Brad here with a quick update from Photoshop World Washington DC! Just wanted to share a few shots from the event so far. More to come later!

  1. Great pics, Brad!  The Tweetup looked like it was a lot of fun, as usual.  The Expo looks enormous!  Keep those pictures coming!!! :-)


  2. Great pictures, seems you’ve captured the atmosphere nicely.

    Scott Kelby wearing a shirt and tie, surely that must be some kind of photoshop wizardry :)

  3. Great shots, I see a lot of my friends in there and looks like they are having a lot of fun. It’s like we’re all one big family, love NAPP. Hope to make the next reunion. :)

  4. Really jealous that live here in Scotland and not in the US. Photos look buzzing and as a member of NAPP and Kelby training I am now recognizing many of the faces as I have probably done their on line tutorial’s. Definitely saving for trip to PSW next time.  You guys are always so friendly, enthusiastic and talented.

  5. Ummm, that one picture named PSWDC111 has clearly been Photoshopped, and that poor girl will NOT be pleased when she sees it! JK, looks like fun!

  6. It was a blast! If you have never been save your pennies and make time. You’ll seldom find so many world class photographers in one place all willing to share their knowledge with you. (after seeing myself in the pic of the lightpainting class I now need start hitting the gym)

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