Adobe’s Creative Cloud is Now Available

Mesdames et messieurs bonjour!

Even though I’m still in Paris wrapping up our shoots here, I did see where starting today the Adobe Creative Cloud is now available, which ushers in a new era for Adobe, and a new opportunity for creative people all over the world (can’t you just hear that ELO song in your head right now? “All over the world-er-er-erld.”)

If you’re not up-to-date on the Creative Cloud, I did a post here a few weeks back with a quick Q&A about it and you can read it right here. Also, Adobe is offering a pretty incredible deal for existing Creative Suite customers to get on board — just $29.99 a month for the first year. Here’s the link to Adobe’s site for more details.

Congratulations for Adobe on the big launch, and Viva le Creative Cloud! :)

    1. Indeed. In Switzerland the special offer is CHF 42.12, which amounts to USD 45.40. The normal offer is at CHF 70.20, which amounts to USD 75.68. And the same can be seen when buying the software – prices are at least 1.5 times as much as what they are in the U.S. – for the English language version, note.
      Not to point fingers at Adobe, though, they’re not the only ones doing this. Comparing Microsoft’s prices across the pond can be detrimental to your health as well…

      1. Complain to your governments and not Adobe. Because you can’t explain the price difference doesn’t mean that Adobe is trying to squeeze you more. How do you explain that cars built in Germany are sold way cheaper in the USA than Germany? Wait, Adobe must be being that one too! :)
        Scott: Your French is getting better! Bravo. One thing though: Viva isn’t French. That would be: Vive le “Creative Clould”

    2. Same in the UK £27.34 – once again Adobe charging more in Europe for no good reason.I know Scott made the comparison in a post about how he was charged more in the UK recently for everything from projectors to a can of coke, but the difference here is we’re all buying from same company, same store, probably downloaded from the same servers. Sorry Adobe, simply inexcusable!

      1.  Just because you don’t know the reason doesn’t mean that Adobe doesn’t have one.

      2. If I was Adobe and everyone in Europe hated my pricing, I’d go out of my way to make it clear why the pricing was different…unless of course it was because I was ripping off the European market. I can fly to the US, buy a copy of CS6 and fly home again for less than a download. It takes a magnanimous soul indeed not to find that infuriating.

  1. Sounds interesting! But I’m still unsure – I think I like it more to own my software myself …

    I’m sorry, maybe I should have posted my question about Adobe-Software here, but it’s beneath the “30 second update from Paris” … can anyone help me with this? Thanks a lot!

    Greatings from Germany!


  2. There is no way to get the “Creative Cloud” for people in Argentina, I’d love to get the offer, but is just for “selected countries” as an Adobe representative told me. Around here the official price for a Lightroom v4 license is USD 485… Sad policy Adobe and no Scott this is not for “creative people all over the world”. Do something Scott, go to and try to count how many Latam countries do you find listed there…  

  3. Seems a much better deal in the US than everywhere else in the world, must be due to the additional distance the software has to travel over the Internet. The pricing policy is the only reason I have refused to invest in the NIK software plug ins and now adobe are jumping on the same bandwagon gonna have to get ‘ROB ME’ tattooed to my forehead..

  4. $49.99/mo seems like a lot until you look at this number … $2,599.00.  That’s what it costs to purchase the Creative Suite Master Collection outright here in the US.  If my upgrade eligibility lapses it would take me nearly 4 1/2 years at $50/mo to buy a fresh licensed copy of the Master Collection. And in 4 1/2 years I would expect at least 2 upgrade cycles … coming in at $1,049/upgrade.  Let’s say Adobe retains the upgrade pricing for 2 cycles and I only upgrade once that means I would shell out $3,600 in 4 years to own the software.  But at $50/mo I’m only out $2,400 for access to the full Master Collection – including 2 major upgrades – for 4 years which is still under the initial purchase price for a single release licensed copy.

    Plus as a CS5 Production Premium owner, I would get the *full* Master Collection for $29.99/mo for 12 … making my 4 year cost only $2,160 or $540/year.  I also get access to Adobe Acrobat (included in Creative Cloud, but not in Production Premium which I’ve licensed separately) and may get access to Lightroom (also licensed separately).

    The more I look at this the more it makes sense!

  5. Hi Scott –

    I was wondering what your opinion is on the known security vulnerability in PS CS5 (and earlier) as listed here:

    Primarily I would like to get your feeling about the attitude of Adobe to force people to purchase PS CS6 rather than to put out a patch to CS5.


  6. I won’t be upgrading to the CC; I like owning my own software on my own machines.  If Adobe decides down the road to stop at PS CS6 for ‘owned’ software, I’ll be on to something else.  Adobe’s loss..not mine.

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