Adobe’s Letting Everyone In On $9.99 “Bundle Deal” But Only For a Few Days

On Wednesday Adobe announced a special “Black Friday Deal” where for a VERY limited time, they’re letting pretty much everybody in on the photographer’s $9.99 a month Photoshop/Lightroom bundle deal that was originally only for folks who owned some previous version of Photoshop (from CS3 on up), but now everybody can get in on the deal for the next few days (only until Dec 2, 2013).

When I posted this on my Facebook page, it was seen by over 140,000 people, and of course there were a ton of comments — lots of happy people taking advantage of the deal, the usual amount of mis-information, and of course we heard from the same people who aren’t happy no matter what Adobe does. I thought I’d address as many of those comments as I could here in a short Q&A. Here we go:

Q. I had the full Creative Suite, and I wasn’t able to take advantage of the $9.99 deal, but now I can?
A. Absolutely.

Q. But I called Adobe Customer service and they said I couldn’t.
A. They’re wrong. Try calling again.

Q. But what if I already subscribed to Photoshop alone? Can I downgrade to this and save the money?
A. Yup!

Q. But I called Adobe customer service and they said I’d have to pay a cancellation fee?
A. You don’t. Try calling again.

Q. But what if I never ever owned Photoshop. Can I get in on this deal?
A. Yup.

Q. Really?
A. Really!

Q. I didn’t see that one coming.
A. Me either. 

Q. What if I already have a Creative Cloud subscription that costs more?
A. They’ll let you switch to this cheaper plan as long as you do it by the cut-off date.

Q. No way!
A. Way!

Q. But I called Adobe Customer Service and they said I can’t downgrade
A. Call back until you get someone that has actually read the memo.

Q. “They must be hurting for revenue.” (direct quote from Facebook)
A. Adobe had hoped to have one million subscribers by the end of year. They hit their goal nearly four months early, and now Adobe’s stock is at an all-time high. Yeah, they’re hurting’ ;-)

Q. Should I form my opinions of how Adobe is doing financially based on a hunch or what I read from strangers in online forums, or should I actually read the official business reports?
A. Ummmmm.

Q. I heard I have to run Photoshop in a Web Browser. Is that true?
A. For the love of God, please let this one go. No. No, no, no for the millionth time no. You do NOT run Photoshop or Lightroom in a Web browser. They work just like they always did.Ugh!

Q. Yeah, but then I lose access to all my images, right?
A. You do NOT have to store your images in the cloud. Please let this one go, too!

Q. You sound like you’re frustrated.
A. For a year or so I’ve been reading the same “You have to run it in a browser”⦔You have to stay connected to the internet all the time” and “you lose access to all your images”  and all this same old misinformation is just starting to wear me down. Sorry.

Q. It’s OK. I know you’ve taken a lot of heat, and we appreciate you helping to cut through the clutter [obviously not a real Facebook comment].
A. Thanks for understanding.

Q. I know Adobe says they’re going to try to keep the monthly price at this level, but they don’t guarantee it. What if it goes up?
A. My understanding is they are not planning to raise the monthly subscription rate. I imagine it’s because if they did after a year or so, they would lose a lot of customers, right? But nobody is “locked into” this thing — if they raise the price at some point down the road, you can always just not renew and go back to whatever the last version of Photoshop you owned is. That being said, just for fun let’s  pretend that they decided to raise the monthly subscription by 10% at some point. That would mean you’d have to pay (wait for itâ¦.wait for itâ¦) $12 more a year.

I seriously doubt even that will happen, but I would pose this: find me something whose price just never goes up: Gasoline? Milk? Bread? Electricity? Coffee? College Tuition? Eggs? Anything? 

Q. Why does it cost more in the UK and in Europe?
A. I ask myself this exact same question every time I visit the UK or Europe. Why does my hotel room cost twice as much there? Why does a can of Coca Cola cost twice as much there? Why does the exact same microphone that I rent here in the US cost triple when I rent it in London? It’s the exact same mic! In fact, pretty much everything over there costs at least double of what it does here or more, even if it’s the exact same product? Why is that?

As for Adobe, they have offices in the UK and all over Europe, and staff in all those locations, and I imagine their offices cost at least double what they do here. So does their electricity, gasoline, staff salaries, insurance and of course their taxes have to be dramatically higher, and their overall cost of doing business has to be through the roof over there as well. Yet, their customers expect them to eat all those extra costs and charge the same amount that they do here. Unfortunately, that’s not generally how business works. Extra operating costs are passed on to the customers to offset the cost of doing business in that country. Just’ sayin’.

Q. What was your favorite comment over on your Facebook page?
A. This one from Robert Court

“10 bucks a month for professional software. I upgrade every 18-24 months both LR and PS. Hummmmm. So if I am doing the math correctly. $190 PS and $80 LR = $270 divided by 18 months = $15 per month. $270 divided by 24 months = 11.25 per month. So where exactly is ANYBODY being ripped off. Now they are letting everyone in on the deal even if you never owned PS. I still do not get what people are B!!ching about. I for one am all in on this deal and no I did not drink the Adobe cool-aid. This is professional software for $120 per year. Even if you are a hobbyist you should consider selling your gear if you if you can’t somehow come up with two Starbucks coffees per month. Really if someone cannot afford this PROFESSIONAL software they have bigger problems in life than Adobe. Thank you Adobe.”

It had 17 likes. :)

Q. What was your least favorite?
A. I deleted it.

Q. But that’s limiting freedom of speech!
A. It’s my Facebook page — not The Washington Post. I’m not the government. I don’t owe anybody the right to attack me, or other people who comment, or use foul language, or just plain hate on my personal Facebook page. If you want freedom of speech, you can go start your own Facebook page at this address: (sign up today!).

Q. Should people who aren’t going to take Adobe up on this offer take their time to tell you that in the comments?
A. Sure. It’s fun. They are dying to tell me, yet again for the millionth time, that no matter what deal Adobe comes up with they’re not going to get on board. They think I somehow have control over the pricing policies of a multi-billion dollar global software company. It’s kinda entertaining at this point. 

Q. So, is Adobe going to switch back to selling the latest version of Photoshop?
A. No.

Q. Are you sure?
A. I’m more sure about that than anything else I’ve written on this page.

Q. Any other comments from your Facebook page that stand out?
A. How about this one from Armando Almada responding to Robert’s comment above:

…totally agree….a glass of wine in NYC is $12, and that’s no include the tips….

I also like this one telling “The other side of the story” from Karl Mathias Moberg who wrote:

Totally agree with this. As a part-time photographer, with not a very high income… I can’t afford the upfront cost for both photoshop and lightroom. This, and the normal CC deals are perfect for me. I have no problems what so ever with the subsciption models.

A lot of folks want to pretend that people like Karl just don’t exist. The fact is, there are a ton of people who can now use Photoshop and Lightroom that were locked out because they didn’t have $849 (the cost of Photoshop and Lightroom last year, and the only way to use it was to buy it at that price).

Q. So, what if I don’t sign up for this by December 2nd, 2013? Then what?
A. You don’t get the deal. That’s it. It’s a limited time offer (it’s a Black Friday Deal running before and after black Friday but not by much).

Q. Where can I learn more?
A. You can get the official details direct from Adobe’s deal page. Here’s the link. They also have an FAQ here.

Q. OK, if I don’t like this deal, or I live in Europe, or I live in Russia where this deal isn’t even valid, or I had a fight with my spouse, or I’m just generally angry, can I blame  any part of Adobe’s Black Friday Deal that I don’t agree with on you?
A. What the heck  —- sure. Why not? :)

OK, that’s the scoop as best as I know it, and of course as always I reserve the right to be totally wrong about any or all of this. Here’s wishing you a day where all your pixels move right where you want ’em to.



P.S. No football this weekend but I am shooting a wedding tomorrow in Orlando and hopefully I’ll have some shots to share here early next week.

  1. Hi Scott,

    In the Adobe terms and conditions ( it says . . .


    After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.”

    I took this to mean that the cost would revert to the standard price after the 12 month initial period. Am I misinterpreting this? From your comments above it looks like the price will be held in a similar manner to the CS3+ offer that was available earlier in the year.

    1. All terms are conditions are written by lawyers, and I’m sure there wouldn’t be any scenario where they wouldn’t insist that it give Adobe an “out” if they absolutely had to change the price, but it is my understanding that they will be trying very hard to keep the price as is. $9.99 is a perfect price. $11 or $12 is not. If they were to raise the price next year, imagine the fallout. I truly believe they will hold it as long as they possibly can.

      1. Thanks Scott, much appreciated . . . I’ve already signed up (I was previously just a Lightroomer (V4). Also saw this on Julieanne Kost’s blog . . .

        “Hi Mikael, $9.99 is *the* price – not a first year promo – so the price
        won’t go up to $19.99 after a year. All the memberships carry that
        disclaimer because we can’t say the price won’t ever go up in the future
        to account for things like inflation. We also can’t say the price won’t
        go down in the future either. For example, Lightroom’s price was cut in
        half between Lightroom 3 and 4 – and Photoshop’s price has gone both up
        and down over its 23 year history.”

  2. Hi Scott!
    Love the post about the great deal!

    One question … and it may be a dumb question …. but … I already have Lr5 and PS CS3 BUT I am seriously thinking of grabbing this deal. The thing that would cause me to jump on it would be …. IF you can work within a catalog in Lr on your desktop, exit, then later while out of town jumping on your laptop and be able to open and work within the SAME catalog, from the Creative Cloud.

    Is this possible?

    Would it mean saving a copy of the catalog in the ‘cloud’ with smart previews?
    Wouldn’t it be great to work within the same catalog ..anywhere … anytime!

    Or is this just another stupid question ……… :)

    1. Hi Ramona: It’s not a stupid question at all — but it’s one I’ve never tried, so while it sounds like it might work, I’m just not certain, but I’ll bet somebody will chime in here shortly with a definitive answer. Sorry I couldn’t help more on this one.

      1. Thanks Scott!

        Terry answered my question with a great suggestion to use my Dropbox account for syncing the Lr catalog.I will have to give that a try!

        Fingers crossed! :)

    2. I store a couple of my main catalogs on Dropbox and have for over a year now. I have two laptops that I go back and forth between. As long as I allow the catalog to fully sync before trying to access it on the other computer it works fine. This should work the same exact way with your Creative Cloud 20GB of storage. The only other potential problem is that CC makes an automatic archive of files that change/get deleted so that you can restore them. Since a catalog changes every time you use it, you may quickly run out of space this way depending on the size of your catalog. You could go in and delete the old archives each time, but you would have to remember to do that each time the space gets low.

      1. Thanks Terrry!

        I hadn’t thought of using my Dropbox account for the Lr catalog! Sounds great! I will have to give that a try.
        Do you simply backup Lr after an editing session and then copy that backup to your Dropbox folder?
        I am afraid if I have Dropbox ‘updating’ my Lr backup folder it will get huge fast! I am kinda anal about backing up my catalog and do it every time I exit Lr. I know, I know .. that folder gets really large quickly, but I do go in every week and delete all but the most recent three backups … AND I use one catalog for all my work. Probably not the best idea ,,,,,

  3. Would love to see you contrast the different pressures between football photography and wedding photography. If you screw up a game you don’t get paid. If you screw up a wedding everyone will hate you forever.

  4. It’s interesting that the concept still confuses or scares so many into being skeptical. I’m willing to guess, that $120 is the lowest priced item I’ll buy each year for photography, but yet, it will give me the one thing I value the most and depend on every single day.

  5. If I already own LR5 but am signing up for this deal, do I still need to download it to get any available future updates, or does it recognize that I already have it? Reason I ask is that my internet is very slow (I live in Africa) and it is a many-hour download. Combine that with power cuts and, well you get the idea.

    1. Hi Rodney! I owned LR5 before I got the PS LR5 deal after PS-World. I had the same question, but LR5 kept showing up as a update to download. So, I just downloaded it and it installed automatically. So, now everything is updated on the Cloud Manager. With the LR5 (5.3) update coming pretty soon, I would recommend that you go ahead and get updated with the Cloud Manager just to avoid any problems in the future.


  6. Name 10 other companies that have a “sale”, then offer refunds to previous purchasers of the “sale” item!
    I’ve held off updating to LR5 and Elements 12, hoping someday the $9.95 deal would come my way. This is my first taste of full version Photoshop!

    1. Welcome aboard, Bob. I’m psyched that you’ll be using the full blown Photoshop for the first time. It’s the most amazing piece of software ever! Now, that being said, the speed at which Adobe makes decisions on pricing and who can participate in various programs surely ain’t the greatest (I’m being kind there), but at least their heart is in the right place. This deal is to give those people who were left out on the bundle deal a chance to get in, and the fact that they are even offering downgrades is very rare for any company these days (as you noted).

      All of these decisions Adobe has made are to ensure that there is an Adobe in the future — it’s not a “money grab” and they’re not an evil corporation, but the software industry is changing very quickly and in very profound ways, and Adobe simply couldn’t do business as usual or before long they would have no business. This is the reality of the software business today, and you’ll see pretty much everyone switching to this subscription model very soon. It’s evolve or die time, and while this evolution has been a bumpy ride for some, for others like yourself it has opened a door that has long been locked shut and I think Adobe deserves a big high-five for that. I wish you the very best on your Photoshop and Lightroom journey (and me and my crew are here to help you down that path if we can). Cheers, -Scott

  7. Hi, Scott–

    Can I just blame you for everything Adobe does, even though you have absolutely no control over the company? For starters, i don’t like the Photoshop splash screen. Fix it, please. And the company name–it means “clay brick” which has nothing to do with photography. And this whole “cloud” thing–I live in Los Angeles, we have zero humidity, so there are rarely clouds here. Ooh, can I blame the healthcare crisis on you, too?

    Or maybe I should just go grab this deal and thank you for telling us about it. I think I’ll go with that option.

  8. I’d be on board if they let you keep running the last version of PS you rented after your subscription runs out if you migrated from a previous legal copy. It really makes me think about leaving things in PSD format. Nowadays, though, Capture One, DXO, and Photo Ninja are better raw converters than ACR and other programs are starting to be robust enough to replace Photoshop for most non-designer needs. Indeed, if I was a designer or an artist I’d jump on this deal without question but as a photographer there are other options out there that are matching, and in some cases surpassing, what Adobe offers. It’s kinda fun to be introduced into other ways of tackling a problem.

  9. Hi Scott … For the millionth time … Thank You!!!! :-) I just don’t understand these low information people. Everyone is out to get them … just incredible. I for one signed up in May for the 9.99 PS-CC only deal after reading your blog on that deal. Then after PS World, they automatically changed me to the PS LR deal for the same price! How sweet is that! Since that time I’ve gotten three updates to CC and one on LR. I’m happier than a pig in ………. :-)



    1. Thanks for sharing this Dennis — there are a ton of stories just like yours out there, but the people who just want to be mad want everyone to think everyone is mad. There are well over one million people already on board, and half of those signed up before it was subscription-only. They chose to be on the plan because it makes financial sense for them. Thanks for keeping an open mind, and for sharing your side of the story. :)

  10. I already had CC as a 1 app subscription. Chatted with adobe customer care and they canceled that no charge and switched me to the 9.99 CC+LR deal. Thanks for the info both Terry and Scott!

  11. I use several Photoshop plugins. Will they need to be reinstalled if I take advantage of this deal? Also, when Adobe updates Photoshop CC will they need to be reinstalled? Thanks for your clarity on these issues Scott.

    1. Plugins work like they always did. As long as the developer has made them compatible with PS CC then you’re fine. No you don’t have to reinstall them with each PS CC update.

  12. I saw this deal posted on Terry White’s blog the other day and jumped on it! $9.99 a month even for users that weren’t eligible for upgrade pricing was perfect for me! Thank you adobe!

    Like others, The icing on the cake for me would be if this deal could ultimately be a payment plan, meaning, after x number of months, I own whatever the latest version is and can use it forever, even if I stop subscribing. However, this deal is fantastic no matter how you slice it and I’m so thrilled that adobe did it! I would’ve been mighty ticked off had I only heard about this deal on December 3rd! ;) Love your Q&A’s, Scott! Do I have to run this Internet Explorer, or can I run it in Netscape Navigator? Do I have to enable cookies to use the java filter? Ha!

  13. What if you got a free 1 year of CC at Photoshop World (Yeah!) how do you get the offer when your 1 year is up and you currently have an Adobe Suite Product. Thanks

      1. Can you elaborate on that? I contacted Adobe yesterday and they said there was nothing they could do. The best option I had would be to cancel my current 1 year subscription I got from Photoshop World and pay the 9.99 immediately.

      2. Your account is flagged. You will receive and email communication after the year is up asking if you want this $9.99 deal or stay with Creative Cloud Complete. Ping me if you have any issues or concerns at that time.

  14. I have CC the entire suite and I am learning new programs, something I would have never done without the membership. I think my only concern is if the CC will, in any way, slowdown major updates to PS or LR since we don’t have that usual “year and a half” update?

  15. OK, I jumped all over this yesterday and played with PS CC last night! Really love it. Now I have to rework that budget after allocating Kelby Training money to Adobe!!

  16. Just went through the process of converting my single app account to the photographer bundle. Thanks for the heads up, Scott. It took about ten minutes on the phone but was super easy and their support people were an absolute pleasure to talk to. What a great deal!

  17. Ok, this sounds like a good deal. I have a question, maybe two. I currently have CS6 and lightroom 5.2. When I go for this deal, what will happen? I believe, my copy of CS6 will stay and the CC version will be installed, meaning I will have both active? What about the lightroom 5.2 I have? Will both be living on my computer? When 5.3 gets out, I figured the CC version will update, but what about the current one I have? Just wondering just in case I start having starbuck withdrawals and have to cancel this subscription. *** just joking, but the questions are real ***

  18. Scott, I love your snarky Q&A’s! Thanks for the entertainment within the information. BTW, I have a complete CC subscription since last year, which has paid for itself many times over. And, if you use it for business, it’s tax deductible! (and, if you went to PSW Las Vegas, you got a year free, which was way cool!). Happy Friday!

  19. The bottom line through all of this if you like it, buy it. If not, don’t. Stop complaining. If you are a professional you can’t beat this deal. If you are a REAL professional, the access to the updated tools will pay for itself before you finish typing your complaint to Scott’s Facebook page. If you are a hobbyist, welcome to the tools that will make your hobby great.

    Now, everyone stop b!tchin’ and start creating!

  20. Thank you for putting out this great deal. I for one could only do this with a deal, since I’m retired and just taking pictures part time pro and the rest is for fun……. Thank you again,

  21. The latest updates will work for Lightroom too? For example when Lightroom 6 comes out I will be able to download it as part if this subscription or the updates will be available for Photoshop CC?

  22. I just got it and am very excited about it.

    However, I really don’t like when people use the “I do it this way and I can afford it therefore everyone else can afford it because they must also do it exactly my way too” argument. Until today I was still using CS4, and I probably would have gotten by with it for a while longer. I do have LR4 and wasn’t planning on upgrading for a while. Upgrading to the latest versions of CS and LR divided by the amount of time I’ve used CS4 and LR4 would come out to a LOT less than $10 a month for me.

    I don’t have a lot of money. I happen to be passionate about photography, and when it comes to managing and processing, adobe products are the best, and I scrimp and save and stick with a cropped sensor and used lenses and put up with old copies of editing software that runs on an older computer to be able to make photography possible for me. I also drive an old car and only go on vacation where I can take a tent.

    Is $10 a month outrageous? No. I do, however, empathize with those who would prefer to at least have the option of upgrading to something we could keep for several more years, working out to far less than $10 a month.

  23. Bizarre that people complain about this. I would love to sign up…even got my card out ready to go only to be told Sorry for you buddy, but you live in the wrong place. I love my country, I am patrioticly South African but I’m looking to move somewhere on Adobe’s list to get in on this deal. What’s the sunniest place on their list?

  24. Thank you so, so, so much! I am so glad that I followed you on my FB (I have several of your books and have learned much from them) or I would not have been aware of this. I love my photography hobby and yearned for a copy of PS so that I could learn the software side of digital photography as well but I have simply been priced out of PS as a hobbyist. I FINALLY had just gotten the money saved and was ready to pull the plug and order a copy for Christmas when this deal came up. Thank you so much!! Now I can put my savings in the bank for a rainy day (or a new lens ha ha)!

  25. Below is by far my favorite Q&A from above. I just so thoroughly enjoy (not) when someone attempts to hijack a completely unbiased post on my FB page to elevate their platform or opinion, usually wrought with misspellings and completely un-necessary profanity. I applaud anyone who has the courage to make the comment you did on this post! Thanks Scott.

    Q. But that’s limiting freedom of speech!

    A. It’s my Facebook page — not The Washington Post. I’m not the government. I don’t owe anybody the right to attack me, or other people who comment, or use foul language, or just plain hate on my personal Facebook page. If you want freedom of speech, you can go start your own Facebook page at this address: (sign up today!).

  26. HI Scott –

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    Now that I can actually afford Photoshop for the first time, where do I start learning this behemoth of a program? When I look online there is a ridiculous amount of content and I have no idea where to really start.

    Could you give some recommendations for getting up to speed on Photoshop for a long time Lightroom user?

      1. Jeffrey – great. I just looked and there are over 100 courses on kelby training related to photoshop. (not to mention the stuff at CreatliveLive,, Phlearn, YouTube, etc.)

        My question is not what resources are available – there are plenty available.

        My question is: What training resource would be ideal for a photographer just getting started using Photoshop CC? Is there a series of courses you recommend? Is it dependent on the type of photography that I do? Will a CS6/5/4 course be appropriate? I am kind of paralyzed with the myriad of choices and would like some specific guidance.

      2. Paul – This is probably the best class on Kelby Training to get you started with Photoshop –

        And this one to get up to speed with the new features in Photoshop CC –

        And this one for Lightroom –

        There are also a couple of Launch Centers on our NAPP site that might be helpful (and are free) – (not 100% up to date for CC, but it is free!)

        Hope that helps!

  27. Italy: on october 28th I signed for the 24 eur a month Photoshop *ONLY* plan!
    I hope I can now switch to this PS + LR bundle or this would be the biggest betrayal of clients EVER.

  28. I had recently paid for LR5 and about a year ago for CS6. Does Adobe provide any credit for that? I guess it does not matter if you own either under this promotion.

      1. Hi Jeffrey, I purchased LR5 about 5 months ago. So there is not difference in price for those that already have the subscribed products?

      2. I don’t understand why not. Or at least get some credit for the product already purchased, if one subscribes forward. The same price for a newcomer to the product?

  29. If I purchase now to use on my PC, can I later switch to a Mac version or does it matter? (being totally new to post-processing and to Adobe’s subscription method, I have no idea what I’m doing at this point, but I don’t want to miss out on the deal!)
    Or, can I purchase just Lightroom as I’m in totally newbie mode…

    1. Jay, name me a major tech company that hasn’t been hacked in the past few years? Everybody from Apple to Sony, from Visa to Mastercard, from CitiBank to 7-Eleven, JCPenney to Nasdaq, JetBlue, even Dow Jones itself has been hacked. FTI consulting’s report shows that 90% of US Companies have been hacked at one point or another ( This isn’t Adobe handing out your info — this is criminals breaking in and stealing info, not just from Adobe, but from some of the biggest companies on the planet, including the credit card companies themselves.

      1. Appreciate the answer, was wondering how you felt about it. You have a point, but what upsets me is that for a company of this size and reputation, their security policy was unbelievably weak (see further information in the links provided within the article I linked to). It’s not just that somebody “picked the lock” in the door to Adobe’s house – Adobe essentially left the door pretty wide open for someone to just walk in.
        I was really close to signing up for CC, because I do think it’s a great deal. But now I am very hesitant.

      2. Dude, do you ever purchase anything on your computer using your credit card? What kind of security do you have on your computer to prevent it from being hacked. Nothing as good as Adobe.

      3. Difference is adobe is storing the credit card info. Personal computers should just be transmitting(storing it on your computer is a bad idea). And your argument still doesn’t come close to justifying adobe’s weak security policy.

      4. Dear “Sis”: Your reply makes no sense whatsoever. I am not a corporation, I am not in the business of selling any goods or services, I am not storing sensitive customer information for hundreds of millions of people, I have no fiduciary duty (as Adobe does)….

        I could go on and on, but judging by your illogical initial response, you probably won’t get the point.

  30. I was an early adopter of the single application (Photoshop) cloud subscription at $9.95… I called Adobe today and they cancelled my single app subscription and signed me up for the current offer of Photoshop and Lightroom for the same price… No Problem….
    Off topic… (I don’t have any other way to communicate with Scott..heh)
    You were going to test a sigma zoom lens on a recent trip of yours.. Did I miss your review of same?… thanks

  31. I’m very disappointed. After numerous contacts with Adobe regarding this program, I was led to believe by them that they were not backing off the prior purchase requirement of CS3+ to qualify, so I dropped $450 on a copy of CS4 (I had previously bought 2 versions each of LR and CS but because they were academic discounts they did not qualify me for this deal). Now it seems I bought it for nothing. Amazon doesn’t take returns on opened software so I’m out a significant chunk of money. Thanks Adobe.

    (For those questioning my purchase, buying the software was to save me $10/mo so I would break even in 45 months, and save that every month thereafter)

  32. I was in at the 29.99 / month and this deal is even better. Love the comment about the professional software. People think photoshop is expensive, try marketing, travel and all the other expenses of running a business. Geez.

  33. One thing I am not clear on that I hope can be cleared up here. I understand that as long as I am in the subscription I can use the latest version of PS, whatever that may be. I expect that goes for LR, but with it not being a CC product, am not certain. Do we get newer versions of LR as they are released, or is this just a LR 5 bonus?

      1. I have PS CS6 and was told by Adobe Customer Service that the December 2 deal was the only one on the table now.

  34. Great post Scott! I’ve been a subscriber to Ps CC first then the photographer’s bundle since it came out and am very happy paying $10 a month since I always upgraded Photoshop and Lightroom as soon as they were out. I think this should clear up a lot of misconceptions, and it gave me a chuckle or two.

  35. Scott,

    I had seen your post on Facebook Wednesday and after clearing it with the boss (my wife), signed up, downloaded and was enjoying CC and LR that evening. I was an academic user and was a little bummed that I could do the deal when it first came out. Merry Christmas to me!

    …and this will give an answer your question in your Q & A

    “I seriously doubt even that will happen, but I would pose this: find
    me something whose price just never goes up: Gasoline? Milk? Bread?
    Electricity? Coffee? College Tuition? Eggs? Anything?”…… and the answer is…. A NAPP MEMBERSHIP $99…nuff said!

  36. Just received some great service using the online contact. I had the single product CC on a yearly plan (paid monthly). They cancelled that plan with no penalty and signed me up for this plan.

    The best thing? For the first time ever, the listed price in the US is the SAME here in Australia. Well done Adobe!

  37. Question NOT answered is: what if I don’t use photoshop, just Lightroom? Is Adobe going to discontinue releasing Lightroom individual perpetual licenses down the road?

    1. Yep been answered hundreds of times. Adobe plainly, clearly, loudly and often said you can get LR in a box and they have no intention whatsoever of changing that in the future. They said it in their initial press releases, at PSW, in many of the forums, on their website, etc.

  38. Enjoyed that q@a a lot! made me laugh! I will join the adobe deal allright soon. Only disagree with your explanation on higher European cost. The 9.99$ in US is 7.45€ these days + approx 1.8€ taxes is 9.25€ tax in, not 12.99€. The so called more expensive EU support is nonsense; most support is US based anyway. The reason that your hotel room, dinner is more expensive in EU is because the FED keeps the $ artificially low to support US economy over EU’s, nothing else.

  39. I’ve had the $29.99 a month for everything and would love to continue with that. If they are doing the $10 deal, why don’t they do this one too. Otherwise I will drop to the $10.

  40. Can I blame you for the fact that I signed up, downloaded the software, easily installed PS, but got an installation error for LightRoom, spent an hour on hold for customer service only to be told LR doesn’t work on iOS 10.6.8, even though the site’s systems requirements msg clearly states: Mac: Multicore Intel® processor with 64-bit support, Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later, 4GB ram, 10.5GB hard disk space? Or for the fact that I now have to call back Monday and wait on hold again to process my refund?

    1. Hi Doug, can you point me to the URL where you see 10.6.8 listed?

      Looking on the product page it appears correct:

      Mac OS

      Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support

      Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9

      2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)

      2GB of available hard-disk space

      1024×768 display

      DVD-ROM drive required if purchasing Lightroom retail boxed version

      Internet connection required for Internet-based services†

      1. Yeah. That is confusing. Note it says specs for CS6 (which is true for CS6 base installs).

        I’m looking into having this changed.

  41. Well, for ten bucks a month for both LR and PS, I couldn’t resist. Also got to thinking, what will I do when the next version of OS X comes out and it breaks CS6. Oh wait… you nay sayers are all running Windows XP, right?

  42. I have an issue that NAPP, as an international organization, needs to raise with Adobe. I’ve been crunching the math and communicating with Adobe via Facebook regarding their overseas pricing. Their defense appears logical, until one does the math. They argue that the higher price for Europe is due to the VAT. However, they do not include exchange rates in their calculations. They convert US$9.99 to 9.99 Euros. At today’s exchange rate that = US$13.54. That’s a 35% price markup there. Then add the VAT @ 23% and you end up with a 65% surcharge for European customers. Cost of living differences can hardly justify a markup like this. It appears that our culture of greed has slipped through the door. That is not good for Adobe as a company nor is it likely to help the reputation of the home nation of the company. I’d like to see them a bit more fair for worldwide customers. I used to live in Africa. If I were still there today, I’d pay a surcharge for my geographic location even though I’d be paying in US$ through my US bank account. So, now I get a discount based on geography while my friends around the world get penalized. Makes me sad.

    1. Adobe has to comply with EU rules and regulations which sometimes end up costing them money. They have every right to pass those costs on to EU customers. Vote for different government if you don’t like the heavily regulated country you live in. Meanwhile I think Porsche should refund the extra $12,400 they charged me for my new 911 S. The same identical car is $12,400 less in Germany. I’d like to see them a bit more fair to worldwide customers.

      1. I still don’t really get it. Many other american companies sell their products (I mean software for download) in Europe at exactly the same price: USD converted to EUR. Concerning your Porsche, well I guess that shipping plays a big role in the surcharge ? For CC there is no shipping cost involved, and for people like me using English versions, there is no translation required either.

        The comparison made in Scott’s “favorite comment” is not really fair. In one case the customer can use the software forever, whereas in the CC case he cannot.

      2. Jan some products are governed by regulators and some are not. There could be other business reasons such as market conditions, additional costs to deliver the product (support in different languages comes to mind) etc. And as for the Porsche – no shipping plays no part in that $12k difference. I allowed for that and it’s still $12k more here than there. Should I stomp my feet and demand that Porsche sell the car in the US for the exact same amount of money they do in Germany? Never occurred to me to complain about that. I guess I could always move to Germany if I want the German price. Now THERE’s an idea.

        The bottom line is that companies have no obligation to treat every country’s citizens the same. We have no right to such expectations. The majority of all unhappiness comes from entitlement thinking.

  43. I have PS 6 (64 bit) and LR 3.6 (64 bit). If I take this new offer, can I save my current programs on a thumb drive so I can free up the space on my pc? I want to keep the programs in case this does not work out. How much space will the new programs take on my hard drive?

    1. I would deactivate Photoshop and uninstall it and Lightroom to save space.

      Can I uninstall and older version of Photoshop after I install Photoshop CC?

      You can’t simply drag the applications around from the Programs/Applications folder and have them still work. If you need them again, install them from your install disks and reserialize/activate them.

      1. My original disk is CS5. I believe I downloaded the upgrade from Adobe, that’s why I was asking how to save the CS6 version. I don’t believe I ever had an installation disk for LR.

  44. Hi Scott,
    Thank you so much for letting us know about this amazing deal! I was on the fence because I didn’t have a version that qualified for the previous Adobe promotions until now. This is a must grab deal. No brainer! Thanks!

  45. I want to say thank you Scott for giving me a good laugh. I busted my knee in a fall, so I could use one. I also want to give props to Adobe for such a great offer. As an amateur enthusiast I could never have justified spending $600 for Photoshop, but with this deal I too can get my greasy little fingers on that piece of professional software.

    I don’t understand the people opposing this. First of all they say they want to own the software, conveniently forgetting they only own the disk, not what is on there. Then they say that once you stop paying you can’t use your files anymore. Well, LR doesn’t do anything with my files and it interacts with PS through TIFF by default, which any image program can open. And even if you save in native PSD format, you can still open it with any image software. Heck, even Preview on my Mac opens those files. Then they say it is more expensive. Uh, no. Even you bought CS 8 years ago and only upgraded twice, it still comes in more expensive. But I guess some people just want to live in the past with CS3 and LR3, instead of working with the newer en better tech.

    But I guess it all comes down to change, or better, people’s natural resistance to it. They don’t like it when things they are used to change and they have to adjust. Oh well. Their loss, really.

  46. Hi, Scott– I read the Terms and Conditions and found these paragraphs, which appear to grant Adobe license for use of any photos you share. Is that your understanding?

    “(a) For Your Shared Material that’s Shared in a public forum (such as discussion boards or public galleries that may be browsed by anyone with an internet connection, etc.), you grant Adobe a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable, and sublicensable license to adapt, display, distribute, modify, perform, publish, reproduce, translate, and use Your Shared Material for the purpose of operating and improving the Services and enabling your use of the Services. You may revoke the license and terminate Adobe’s rights at any time by making it no longer Shared.

    “(b) For Your Shared Material that’s Shared in a public forum or shared privately with other Users of your choosing, you grant other Users a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferrable, and sublicensable license to display, distribute, perform, and reproduce Your Material, subject to Section 10 of these Terms. If you join or participate in a group that allows for sharing of Your Material within the group (such as a “group album” or shared workspace), then you also grant the Users within the group a license to adapt and modify Your Material that you have decided to share with such group. If you do not want to grant other Users these rights, then don’t Share Your Material with other Users.

    “(c) For Your Material that is shared privately with other Users of your choosing, you grant Adobe a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferrable, and sublicensable, license to distribute, modify, publish, reproduce, translate, and use Your Material for the purpose of operating and improving the Services and enabling your use of the Services. You may revoke this license and terminate Adobe’s rights at any time by removing Your Material from the Service; provided that you agree that Adobe may retain and use copies of Your Material for archival or “backup” purposes and pursuant to Section 15 (Investigations).”

    1. The clause that’s important is “for the purpose of operating and improving the Services and enabling your use of the Services.” It doesn’t mean Adobe owns your images and can use them for *its* purposes. It means Adobe can publish those images *you* wish to share with those who you choose to share with.

  47. Don’t get me wrong, some people ask a lot of the same questions that have been aswered a bunch of times, but to be fair, Adobe changes pricing and deals around a lot, so I feel its kinda confusing for some people.

  48. Thanks for posting! I just jumped on board. I already have CS5 and LR4….does anyone know if I need to uninstall these first, before upgrading to the new ones? I looked on Adobe’s website, but the answer wasn’t readily apparent to me….

    1. You don’t need to uninstall them. They can live side by side, but you can uninstall if you choose to.

      If I install Photoshop CC, does it update and replace the version of Photoshop I currently have installed?

      Can I uninstall my previous version of Photoshop after I install Photoshop CC?

      How do I uninstall a previous version of Photoshop?

  49. I think this is a terrible deal…$9.99 per month for two programs when I can get the entire suite for $49.99? Just kidding..kind of…

    I am an amatuer trying to turn pro and have subscribed to the entire CC…love it, I get access to programs that I could never have afforded before..I was running PS CS5 and LR 3, but now I get to use InDesign and Illustrator to design flyers, play with Muse to create my portfolio or Dreamweaver to customise my WordPress theme, Premiere Pro to cut my videos and After Effects to design intros as well as PS & CC…

    I have no idea why people are whinging…THANK YOU ADOBE!

    1. A venti soy caramel mochaccino (to make something up) will easily run you about $5 anywhere people actually live.

      If you drink nondescript joe, make it 5 cups.
      Undrinkable burnt greasy spoon fare, 10. ;)

  50. …. and deal!
    Jumped on board on Friday!
    What would make the offer perfect on Adobe’s side would be like kind of a buyout- option; like you do on a car lease.
    Just as an option, I think it would get a lot of more people on board.
    They (Adobe) might listen to you, Scott. You tell them. C’mon! We all know you secretly hold the majority of Adobe shares.

  51. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for re-posting the Adobe link. I just signed up. I personally think its a great deal. I can certainly cut out two cups of my Starbucks coffee a month to afford this…

    Frank V.

  52. I apologise for for the daft question but I’m not too good at understanding somethings as I’m dyslexic. You said you didn’t need to work on line which is great and the FAQ in Adobe reiterates what you said which was ‘No’. and then it says ‘Your Creative Cloud desktop applications (such as Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®) are installed directly on your computer, so you won’t need an ongoing Internet connection to use them on a daily basis’ WHICH IS FINE

    An Internet connection is required
    the first time you install and ‘license your desktop apps’, but you can use the apps in offline mode with a valid software license. WHAT IS ‘Valid software licence’?

    The desktop apps will attempt to validate your software licenses every 30 days.
    For annual members, you can use the apps for up to 99 days in offline mode. Month-to-month members can use the software for up to 30 days in offline mode.

    WHAT does the 30 days and 99 days in offline mode’ MEAN?


    1. WHAT IS ‘Valid software licence’?:

      Your Adobe ID and password that has an active membership associated with it.

      WHAT does the 30 days and 99 days in offline mode’ MEAN?

      After you activate, you can unplug your laptop and work offline (not connected to the internet) for 99 days.

    2. Thank you for your reply, however, I think I have missed worded my question – If the answer is ‘NO’ to not having to work on line surely the 30 day or 99 day off line mode means that for 335 (336) or 266 (267) (depending if leap year) days online working? Which means yes to working the majority of the yr online.
      I apologise if I have not grasp this properly.

      1. That’s incorrect. You can work offline for 99 day, go back online for one minute, reactivate and be offline for another 99 days, go back online for one minute, reactivate and be offline for another 99 days, and so on.

  53. What happens to my Lightroom adjustments an collection sets when I stop paying? What about layered PSD’s created using CC only features? Will I still have access to them?

      1. That assumes that any previous perpetually licensed version of PS will still run on the current OS at the time I stop. Say I sign up and stay for 5 years or 10 years and then stop paying – are Adobe guaranteeing to upgrade CS6 with each OS upgrade so that there is a version of PS that can access these files when I stop renting? I’m afraid I don’t share your confidence that a perpetual version of LR will continue to exist either, but you’ll just keep saying it will until it doesn’t!

      2. The Photoshop team prides itself on the the backwards compatibility of file formats and our use of open/documented file formats (tiff, dng, etc). We try and make it bulletproof to provide, at a minimum, a faithfully rendered composite of a file today that will open in versions of Photoshop spanning back to the early 90s. I don’t think anyone can predict where anything will be be 5-10 years. Scott Kelby could be president. Adobe could be bought by another company. If you don’t see value in the Photography Program and it doesn’t help your business or give you the tools to be your most creative, then don’t sign up for it. If it does, then great, go for it. Cheers.

      3. Okay how about just Mavericks then? I understand there are issues with both Photoshop CC and CS6 on Mavericks – will Adobe sort them for both versions? How long will Adobe support CS6? It’s disappointing that Adobe won’t offer any support guarantees for people who stop paying at any point. John Nack did say on his blog at one point that you were looking in to it, but I guess from your comments that’s no longer the case.

        And, as you mentioned it, maybe you should make Scott Kelby president as he seems to know more about this program than Adobe Customer Services, which is hardly reassuring.

      4. CS6 will be supported as long as we’re selling it. We just released an update for bug fixes a couple weeks back.

        Mavericks issues: what specific issues are you referring to? There’s a known issue with Coverflow that affects all applications (not just Photoshop or Adobe).

        Agents should be up to speed at the the time of promotion like this but there were a handful of agents that had misinformation (mainly in non-US geographies) that was corrected shortly after the promo went live.

      5. There are issues with blank drop down menus, but specific problems are NOT what I am discussing I was merely pointing out that we won’t have to wait 5 years for problems to arise – they can happen now. So what happens when Adobe stop selling CS6 (any idea when that will be – presumably you have an expected product life cycle for it?) and will it be replaced with something else to allow people to carry on opening your backwardly compatible files?

      6. The blank drop down menu is fixed by having the latest wacom drivers. Sorry, I honestly don’t know how much longer we’ll be selling CS6. As I stated above, the PS engineering team tries not to break backwards compatibility, so I can’t imagine they’ll veer off that path.

      7. My concern is forwards accessibility. Backwards compatibility is all well and good if you own a copy of Photoshop but this special offer is aimed at those that don’t If they choose to leave CC and want access to their layered PSDs then their only current option is to buy PS CS6 at ~$600 (with, as I understand it, no discount for having been a customer for at least 12 months), but there are no guarantees that Adobe will continue to offer CS6 so they will be unable to open these files in that case.

  54. Scott, I wife Gail summed it all up last night, ” You have so many people in your business that don’t seem to have anything to do but whine, how come you are not making more money so I can quit?” Thanks guys….

  55. If I am understanding you, Adobe will not upgrade anybody nor sell their latest version and their software is only available by subscription. An absolute sign they are about to take a big dump if so. Do I understand that right?. If this is the case I won’t even bother to buy CS. I had purchased a system with Adobe 2 which wouldn’t work right nor do what I wanted but came with a promise to upgrade and Adobe lied. When they got the software version that worked they cut off the upgrade with my version. I have been bruised by unsupported software too often. Somehow it never manages to work with the next operating system. I want a stand alone system I can use where there is no internet. If you can clear this up I’d bet I am not the only one that would appreciate it. I was laid off and no one except China wants an ex-rocket scientist so yeah, I pay a nickle a cup for my coffee and every penny counts at the moment.

    1. Hi Rick, I’m not following you when you say, “I had purchased a system with Adobe 2 which wouldn’t work right nor do what I wanted but came with a promise to upgrade and Adobe lied.”

      Are you saying you bought a system from someone that had Adobe software installed on it? What product was it? Did they legally transfer the license so it was registered to you?

      CS2 was released in April 2005 and was eligible to upgrade up until May 2012.

      With this current offer, you are eligible to get the upgrade price.

  56. “I seriously doubt even that will happen, but I would pose this: find me something whose price just never goes up: Gasoline? Milk? Bread? Electricity? Coffee? College Tuition? Eggs? Anything? ”

    Photographers fees!

  57. Hi Scott, A good BLOG about the $9.99 deal.
    However I’m concerned that just a few months ago Adobe lost all our usernames, passwords and credit card details. This was a major breach in their data security and the Federal authorities should be looking into this.
    I’n short can I again and so soon after the last event trust Adobe with my personal data??

  58. As far as I’m concerned this is too good a deal to pass up. I’ve never owned any version of PS, only LR, and was very excited when Adobe first announced the Photography Package. Boy was the wind let out of my sails when I read the fine print to find out I had to have owned CS3 or newer to take advantage. So this latest deal is the best Christmas present someone like me, who doesn’t earn a lot with my photography, could ask for.

  59. Hey Scott,

    thanks for sharing this. I still got a question i can not find answered anywhere … I might be dyslexic though … Now since Lightroom 5 isn’t part of the cloud(yet), does that mean u’re actually buying LR5 whilst renting PS CC?!?! In other words, yes PS checks every month for it’s license validity, however from what I can find LR only checks on install right? Meaning if u get this deal and sign up for a year only … no matter what u’ll get lightroom for 120bux and can continue using it fo eva?!?

    sorry if I have not seen this answered but I been looking for long enough to go cold turkey …

    1. Lightroom is included as part of your ongoing Creative Cloud Complete or Photoshop Photography Program membership. As such, future updates to Lightroom are included as part of your ongoing membership.

      Creative Cloud Complete and the Photoshop Photography Program does not include a perpetual license for Lightroom. When your membership ends, your license to use, get support and upgrade the version of Lightroom included with your membership also ends.

      Signing up for or canceling a Creative Cloud Complete or Photoshop Photography Program does not affect any perpetual licenses of Lightroom you have owned in the past. You can upgrade any perpetual licensed Lightroom software you own.

  60. So anyone got this working on OSX? I have LR5 form before, and now I get some errors during the creative cloud desktop installer. Googling the error code like crazy and still no dice. Do I really need to remove my LR5 install with all my keywords and such to get this working?

  61. I just wanted to confirm that Photoshop World Attendees that received the full creative cloud membership will still be eligible for the $9.99 deal once their membership expires? I just spoke to customer service and they still say that you have to cancel your current membership to get in on this offer? Thanks.

    1. Matt, Photoshop World Attendees that received the full creative cloud membership will be grandfathered in. If you have trouble switching shoot me an email jtranber at adobe dot com

  62. Scott, why do I feel like I’m beating a dead horse? Anyway, I just finished chatting w/ an Adobe Sales Representative. Not only did he tell me that $9.99/mo was a PROMOTIONAL one year subscription. BUT THAT ADOBE HAS NOT DECIDED WHAT THE MARKET VALUE WILL DICTATE in the next year determining what the cost will be for successive years. I was surprised, this day is Dec 14th, and I was under the informed impression that during this special price offer, and in particular for people that already owned a recent version (I “own” CS6), that successive years would also carry the $9.99, or close to, monthly fee (for a year’s commitment). Now, it’s just 2 weeks until the offer is over, AND THEY HAVEN’T DECIDED HOW THE SUBSCRIPTION IS GOING FORWARD into the next years, and I’ve been told that the price will jump to $19.99 for the next year?

    What is going on here? The Adobe site is presently confirming that $9.99 is a first year promotional price. Have they changed horses in mid-stream over and over and over again?

    Thanks for you ear and your time – Todd

    1. Hi Todd, What we’ve said is $9.99 is *the* (ongoing) price, not a first year promo. We can’t say the price won’t ever go up because we need to take in account inflation.

  63. I’m seriously tempted at this bundle. Lightroom and Photoshop for 100 bucks a year sounds very reasonable. My only worry is that prices for the subscription might rise once Adobe gets enough people subscribed. Is it possible to pay for lets say 3 years worth of subscription in advance?

  64. This is great as long as you live in “supported” country. I fail to see reason in supported countries. Adobe is not shipping products. It’s digital download. If I can buy lens from China over eBay with shipping and everything, why cant I buy digital subscriptions for product I download. It makes no sence to me. I wanted do buy this today, but unfortunately I’m not “supported”.

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