Announcing the Winner of my 2013 “Worldwide Photo Walk Leaders Contest”

And the winner isâ¦.2013 Official Photo Walk Leader Dave Lord for the bridge image you see above (Dave didn’t include his city name). It’s really hard picking just one image out of all the entries from around the world, and the moodiness and composition of this image just kept me coming back to it. It’s muted color palette and atmosphere really make it interesting and I love the post production on it. A really executed shot.

There were some other really great entries from our Photo Walk Leaders, and even though they didn’t win a prize, I thought these 10 deserved some attention as Honorable Mentions. Here they are:

Above: By Photo Walk Leader ananon105, Quartzsite, Arizona

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Christophe Levet, Grenoble City, France

Above: From Photo Walk Leader Ahmed Waheib

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Howard Ignatius,  Morro Bay, CA

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Liette Chamberland

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Max Black, Manchester, England

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Mohamed Mekhamer, Cairo, Egypt

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Paul Gotiong

Above: By Photo Walk Leader photodaddi

Above: By Photo Walk Leader Pierre Bisson

Congratulations once again to Dave Lord, and to our Honorable Mentions above, and of course to all the Photo Walk Leaders around the world who submitted such great images. A special thanks to all the Leaders for taking their time and talents to make these walks available to so many photographers everywhere as part of my 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. My hats off to you all. Until next yearâ¦.

  1. Great photos! Congratulations!!!

    BUT, what happened? Where only a select few invited to enter the contest? I was a leader of a Vienna, Austria, walk and never did get my invitation to submit my photo – which btw I had already chosen & edited ready to enter! I kept looking out for an email to inform us when/where/how to enter – nothing! I kept going back to the leader dashboard hoping to see the invitation to enter – nothing! My photo may not have won the competition anyway, but that beside the point! *utterly disappointed*

  2. Really, amazing combination of great shots. I do not want to sound negative, but can you reveal the secret where the Walk Leaders contest took place? It felt like best kept secret, impossible to find…

      1. I just checked through my email account, FB messages, G+ and Flickr mail, and got no notification at all about how, where or when to submit. I knew from pre-photowalk that it would take place after the walkers contest but that’s all. As we had a typhoon come through the day of the Photowalk that killed our event, none of my photos would have had a chance of winning but it still would have been nice to enter. :) Next year, would it be possible to have an announcement here on the blog? Or at least an announcement telling us that emails have been sent so that if we don’t receive one, we can chase it up? :)

      2. Sorry Scott but I didn’t receive any such letter either. And according to the comments on the flickr walk leader competition page, neither did several other walk leaders. I had to constantly search online to find out where and how to submit a photo. By luck I came across RC’s video and other information in order to finally submit a photo. By luck, not any notification.

        Some of the walk leaders who did find the walk leader competition page submitted multiple photos. And some submitted photos after the cutoff date and time. From my experience, it seems there was poor to no communication from your organization to the walk leaders once the photo walk ended.

        And from your 2013 Worldwide Photo Walk Schedule, the walk leader competition winner was supposed to be announced on November 11. It came and went without any notification of delay, of what’s going on, of when you might select a winner…nothing. Two weeks later, there it is.

        Now I’m not a professional photographer like you and your staff. I am, however, very enthusiastic about photography. It is my passion. I was excited to be a group leader and had a wonderful time with that experience. I was very excited to submit my photograph, see the great photos from the other walk leaders and find out the winner.

        The walk leader competition you created might not mean much to you or your staff, and communicating with your walk leaders all the way through to the end of your Photo Walk Schedule might not be a priority to you, but it should have been. I don’t know if you have read some of the comments from disappointed walk leaders, but you should. A little thoughtfulness, a little consideration would have gone a long way.

        It was a very nice gift to receive your LR 5 ebook, Scott. I thank you for it very much. I’ll add it to my collection, most of which is on my bookshelf with the 20 or so books of yours that I previously purchased. And the mags I get from paying to be a NAPP member. And my workbooks I received from attending multiple workshops of yours and Matts, and all the stuff from attending at least 4 Photoshop Worlds. Are you getting my point, Scott? I don’t mean to belittle your book gift in any way. It was very generous of you and I am appreciative. But I want you to know it’s not a one way street here.

        I know you’re a busy guy running an empire. But you can’t dis the little people, the passionate evangelists who support that empire of yours and recommend you to the sky. I know there are other walk leaders out there who feel the same way as I do.

        Scott, I’ve followed your posts on your blog for a while now. The time you spent on the photo walk leader competition winner’s blog is obvious. It seemed like you threw it together just to get it over with. I’m sorry you didn’t take more time with your photo walk leaders all the way around. I think they’re more integral to your worldwide photo walk than you might be aware of.

        I know you’re not going to agree with what I’ve said here, but I appreciate the opportunity to at least tell you my thoughts and experience. Thank you.

      3. I too did not receive any sort of communication about the leader’s competition. No e-mails, no notification on the official walk website, nothing on the G+ page. Nothing on this blog. I was looking forward to entering the competition too!

        It’s no big deal for me since I do the walk for the fun of it, but your process should be revised as I see I’m not the only one who fell through the cracks.

        I did get the code for the Lightroom 5 book though – wouldn’t that have come from the same e-mail list?

  3. Great choices. I think, in my opinion, you made much better decisions on thes leader images than you did on the images submitted by the photowalk attendees.

  4. I am honored to have my photo included with such wonderful and inspiring photographs. Thank you Scott, RC, and everyone else for providing this terrific venue and learning environment. And congratulations to all the terrific photographers. I’ve learned so much from all of you.

    Frank Little aka photodaddi

  5. Congrats for everyone and thanks for choosing me as honourable photo, just a small update can you add the city name to my name Ahmed waheib, kuwait city, kuwait

  6. Dear Scott Kelby and Team,

    I’m very dissapointed on the way you manage the post WWPW.
    After October, 5th we got no notifications, no mails, no answers.

    It was very hard to understand where should I enter my photo for the leaders competition. Although it seems that you respected the deadline entry ( because none of the last pictures received mentions), the result of the contest arrived two weeks later??

    You are nothing without leaders. Leaders works free for your worldwide marketing and advertising. You must treat them better.

    There was no apologize. Totally disrespectful.

  7. Thank you for choosing my photo and for also giving an honorable mention to the winner of my group. :) And Yes, perhaps you can also add my City name – Cebu City, Philippines

    While reading some comments here, I cant help but react. I also did not get an email as to hpw and where to pass my Entry. We all know that there was a problem with the site probably due to Traffic. But as a Walk leader, I checked the schedule of the deadline which was posted in the site. Then I searched in Facebook, Google and the Flickr. Luckily, I was able to pass 1few days before and advised the other Photo Walk Leaders in my Area.

    Hope to get your book soon. Can’t wait for next year :) Congrats to all!!!

  8. Congrats to the winners. Fine images, indeed.

    Scott, I am sorry to say that I am also one of the leaders that was never notified of how to enter a photo for the Walk Leader contest….kept waiting for more information, but never received anything. I am sure it was some technical problem….but clearly, many of us did not get notified. You had mentioned on this blog just after the regular walker’s contest that more info would be sent about the leader’s competition…so, I was waiting in anticipation for that info to come….then, suddenly, this entry with the winners announced….I guess I missed the boat…oh well.

  9. Congrats to the winning Group Leaders, there are some wonderful stories told with the lens here to be sure!

    Gotta say though (and I’m not alone it seems), as the leader for Brugge/Bruges there was much disappointment to not get any contact to enter this… It was a moment of ‘Dang!’ and not ‘Shebang!’…

    Regardless: Good times, looking forward to next year!

  10. Got to chime in on this since it was very confusing and absolutely no information was given other then it would be on G+, if this is so please show me where? I enjoyed leading my walk and hope to do again next year but if you think we all received information as to where to enter you are being misled, please investigate this yourself. I finally uploaded to flickr but late then found out that there was a video made that nobody new of explaining size limitations etc. etc. which of course mine didn’t meet. No big my image wouldn’t have won anyway just letting you know that a little simple communication would be great next year?

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