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It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always, this week reporting from the UK just a few days before I head to Norway. Everything is changing, and the van, Kofifernweh, is now just a van again, having taken me to 26 countries in the past couple of years. The next step in my adventure is to relocate to Lofoten, Norway, where I’ll be able to indulge in my favourite type of photography all the time.

I’m here on Scott’s blog and have been for over five years now to impart a little nugget of wisdom each Tuesday from the world of travel and photography. Today I want to talk about learning because it’s hugely important. Here’s a wrap-up of reasons and ideas: –

Photoshop User Magazine – this is a phenomena resource, and it’s always up-to-speed with the latest ideas, tools and developments. The magazine drops at the beginning of the month (the July issue was released yesterday), and the current edition is available to everybody, with a further stash of over 120 back-issues available to KelbyOne Pro members. This month’s issue has a cover story by art director and designer extraordinaire Jessica Maldonado, and focuses on elevating your Type skills inside Adobe Photoshop. Learning from Photoshop User Magazine is a very light method of absorbing new information that can be taken at your own pace. Still, KelbyOne also has a ton of courses on several tracks to help you finesse your skills in almost every genre of photography, as well as design and Adobe software.

KelbyOne is a great community, but there are other communities out there with more specific niches, such as the Platypod Users group on Facebook. If you want to pick up tips and tricks, explore ideas and see what other people are up to, and get your questions answered by like-minded people, this type of community is great for you. By the way, if you join this group, you’ll be in the running to win the prize draw for a Platyball Elite when the next milestone number of members is reached!

Workshops (and photo walks and other ‘real world’ stuff) are always a great way to learn. I’m shamelessly plugging my own workshop series here as the image, but I also really want to point out that Scott is picking up the pace with his workshops, too. I attended one of his workshops in Venice, Italy, and I must say, it was amazing! Meeting up with a group of photographers to throw ideas around and practice your skills in a new environment is extremely rewarding, and I thoroughly recommend getting out with others for some social learning.

Ultimately, education in photography should never end. Scott is always learning, Joe Mcnally is always learning, and you should be, too. It’s the best way to stay on top of your game and stay current in your skills. I hope some of these ideas have been useful!

Much love

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