Am I Still “Laming Out” for The Holidays?

Why yes I am! Whoo Hoo!!! It’s “lame out city!” ’till next year!

Hope you all are enjoying your Holidays (and I hope Santa brought you lots of fun gearâ¦I meanâ¦gifts. Yeah, that’s it. Gifts. ;-)

Anyway, I am still in “full holiday lame-out mode” until around Jan 2nd (though I think I’m shooting a bowl game that day, so I’ll only be 50% lame that day), but until then I thought I’d just drop in with this holiday reminder that I’m still in full lame-out mode (though I do miss you all a bunch!)

Hope you all have a great week, and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!


Southeast Director of Holiday Laming Out and Relaxation

  1. What a lame post. 😊

    I did get a few things for Xmas that were in your Holiday Gift Guide,though. Jay Maisel’s new book, Volume 5 in your Digital Photography series, and a Three Legged Thing tripod ( although not the one you liked. I got its big brother, the carbon fiber version). Have a Happy New Year, Scott!

  2. Hi Scott! A quick question, I’m considering purchasing a new tripod and want your advice. I see you on your gear list that you use the Gitzo 1542T with a Right Stuff ball head (not sure which one). That is quite an expensive pair! Gitzo does have much cheaper ball heads. Do you still use this setup for every day shooting and would you recommend it?

    1. Isaac, While Scott is in lame mode, I thought I would offer my advice on purchasing the Gitzo 1542T with a RRS head, but before doing so, I have a few questions. Can you tell me what is your longest lens and which camera body would you be using on this tripod? This tripod is a series 1 traveler tripod with a load capacity of 15.4 pounds.

      1. Hi. The longest lens I have is the 70-200 f/2.8L IS II. I am not using it specifically for travel. It seems many photographers use the Gitzo tripod with a RS head.

      2. Isaac,
        I have that same tripod with a RRS head, but use it specifically for travel since it fits in a carry on bag.
        For my day to day tripod usage I have a Gitzo Carbon Fiber 2542 with a RRS BH-40 Head. My longest lens (at this time) is also a 70-200mm 2.8. If I can make a suggestion, buy the best tripod that will work for your equipment. Look upon it as an investment which is what I did.
        RRS also makes tripods and they have gotten good reviews, but they are expensive. At the time I purchased my tripod (over 5 years ago) RRS was only making heads and other accessories.
        If you go with a Gitzo you want to stay in the 2 series legs or higher if you think you would eventually buy a longer lens.
        Gitzo says the tripod I own can hold up to a 300mm 2.8 lens. Is there a local camera store where you can go and check out Gitzo or other manufacturer tripods? If so, I’d bring along your camera and lens to check out. Ask if they will let you bring the tripod outside to see how it withstands in the outside conditions, especially it it’s breezy. Put the camera in a vertical and horizontal mode and take some pix (bring a card for your camera). Also, zoom in and out as well. Any more questions, feel free to ask. Happy New Year!

  3. For what it’s worth Issac, I have been a life long Gitzo user, the model 1438, which proceeded the1542T
    But I recently went to the Really Right Stuff model of the same size the 33 series. I use the BH-55 LR on it. Not cheap, but a lifetime investment. I’ve never enjoyed a tripod head combination as much as this one! Hope that helps!

  4. Have a good New Year’s, Scott. If anyone deserves a couple days off, it must be you. I met you in Toronto last year, and came away wondering where you get your energy and passion…..

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