An Attendees View of Photoshop World

With the Photoshop World Conference in Vegas coming up in September, I thought it would be fun to run this video clip I found on, shot and edited by an attendee (Friendofvic) at the Orlando, Florida Photoshop World back in March. It’s really fun, it’s really embarrassing, it’s really short (just one minute and 2 seconds) and it’s just very fun seeing someone else’s take on things. Hope you enjoy it (and I hope we’ll see you in Vegas this September).

    1. Me too Alex, I’m sure glad I got into the PhotoSafari with Moose Peterson & Joe McNally before it sold out. I think I’m going to wear out the Photoshopworld website before August 31.

  1. Looks really fun – Hope to be able to attend one of the Photoshop World conferences some time soon. Please keep me posted if you go a similar event in Europe. Thanks for a great blog!


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