Cool New Tool for Shaping Light For Off-Camera Flash Users


These things are awesome! They’re called “Rogue FlashBenders” and they help you control and shape the light from your off-camera flash. Of course this isn’t the first product to do this (I’ve been using the Honl Light Shaping tools for a few years, and liked them a lot), but these new FlashBenders (from Expo Imaging—the people who bring us ExpoDisc) have two big advantages over everything else I’ve used:

(1) They’re all one piece, so there’s nothing separate to attach to your flash head, which means that there’s less to pack, and less to lose, and that means less hassle.

(2) There is some kind of wire, or bendy thingies (a technical term), inside them that let you easily mold and shape them any way you want so they go from snoot to bounce flash to gobo in two seconds flat.

They just officially launched today, but we got a set in last week and Matt and the rest of us fell in love with them right away (everybody was drooling over them).


You can buy them individually, or as a 3-piece kit, and for this launch, they agreed to do a special kicker for NAPP members who buy the full Rogue FlashBenders 3-piece Reflector Kit (normally $104.85 retail price), they’ll just pay for 2 pieces of the set, and get their Bounce Card / Flag FREE (normally $29.95).

The deal expires on June 18th (go to the NAPP Member Website to get the discount code). Here’s the link with more details. Way to go Expo Imaging guys—-you rocked it with this one! :)

  1. This looks just like the Honl System. I have that system but rarely use it since I upgraded to the Q flash and Freewire Trans. I may have to give this one thought before I buy another. Have you used it?

  2. Scott, my son just got the new htc Evo from Sprint. I took the same photo with my iPhone and emailed both home. The Evo was 3 times in size and the quality was unreal. THEN we discovered we had not removed the plastic protector from the lens!

  3. hey scott,

    just wanted to let you know the site is not loading the page fully,
    i tried internet explorer and fire fox and it loads everything on left side and no background images and place holders for others.
    i would have contacted there but the captcha doesn’t show to finish the submission


      1. DITTO!
        I thought it was just me too..:)

        hope they fix it soon, and the latest episode of D-town its not on i-tunes either yet it posted last week (episode 40)

  4. Sorry, off topic, but I don’t know where to get an answer elsewhere.
    Does a book author have anything to say on the price of the eBook versions of his books?
    I mean: Amazon’s Kindle editions for all three of Scott’s “Digital Photography” books are $9.99.
    For Barnes and Nobles’ Nook however, only volume 2 is $9.99. There is no volume 3, and volume 1 is $19.99. What gives? I have a Nook, but I’m not going to pay TWICE the price of the same book at Amazon.

    1. Paul – I noticed the inconsistent pricing as well. You can find an article on it here, but I think Amazon is the one keeping the prices consistent and low. If it were up to publishers (and I think that Barnes and Noble allows Publishers to set the price) e-books would be more expensive. Even though I am against e-books costing more than $10, cuz lets face it, it is a cheap medium.

      Hope this gives a little perspective.

      1. True, it IS a cheap medium, but even more importantly, authors (and publishers) should REALLY love it, since it enforces copyright! You can’t give an eBook away! Yes, with the Nook you can lend it to someone, but only once and only for 14 days. ‘Real’ books on the other hand, can be shared and given away indefinitely! With eBooks, any person reading it means you get your royalties from THAT reader! There will be a time (when the readers get better -color!-) that publishers will ONLY publish eBooks. (IMHO anyway)

  5. Anyone else order one of these flash benders? I paid for it last Friday and have heard nothing from the company.. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ever going to see it!

  6. You can custom make (for D-I-Y’ers) flash “benders” (in the generic sense) with $10 worth of flexible mesh from Home Depot and $5 worth of fabric (both black and shiny, reflective white) from any fabric store (including Walmart). The price on “FlashBenders” (the product) is ridiculous, as is Honl’s products.

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