“The Photoshop Guys” are Coming to New York City For “The Photoshop CS5 Summit”

Today we officially announce our biggest New York event ever—the Photoshop CS5 Summit (Produced by the Nat’l Assn. of Photoshop Professionals and sponsored by Adobe Systems). The full scoop (and how to snag your tickets) is in the short video below:

Here’s a recap:

Who: Your instructors are “The Photoshop Guys,” Me, Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Corey Barker, and Dave Cross

When: One night only—Friday, June 25th, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Where: The Hammerstein theater, at the Manhattan Center, New York City

Cost: Free (if you watched the video above, which explains how to get a free ticket)

Why: ‘Cause Photoshop CS5 is brand spankin’ new and we wanted to do something cool/fun/different in one of the coolest/funnest/differentest places in the world!

More: Go right here.

  1. Hey Scott, don’t forget us NAPP members in the UK have been saying for years “When are you going to bring a big Photoshop event to London?” too? ;-)
    ….well, if only it was that easy….

  2. Might be a tad expensive for a three-hour “summit,” But I’ve no doubt it’d be a fun time. Don’t forget about Canada, eh! We’ve got three times the population of NYC! ;-)

    Happy Monday, Scott!
    Trev J.

  3. I signed up last night but as of this morning, the reply to email address (jgilbert at photoshopuser dot com) is bouncing my email confirmation address reply back to me. Hope I’m registered, since it’s an easy hop across the Hudson for me to get there.



  4. Scott,
    I just watched the walk you did in NY with Jay over at kelbytraining.com and it is great! I believe it is one of my favorites. It is down to earth common sense photography. You are so lucky to get that experience!!! I want to go to NY now and walk around (last time was 98 just months before I went digital). I think for one of your photo chalenges you should ask everyone to walk around with their camera for a couple of days, everywhere we go!

  5. I too watched the Jay Maisal video, it was really great and I’m sure I’d watch it again. I’d like to see more videos like that where you are one on one talking to accomplished men and women. Jay gave me a lot to think about.

    1. Greg, I hope all the PS guys read these comments and do more training with the instructors. It’s like we are along for the ride and asking our own questions! I sure hope Scott will do more of these types, they keep your attention so well.

  6. Just to clarify: it should be fixed but if you are still getting an error with the confirmation email, rest assured that we do have your reservation. The confirmation is a separate function and the error does not affect your reservation.

  7. Perhaps after the event, a recorded version could be available on NAPP website, like the Limited Time classes are now? For those that are unable to attend in person, it would be GREAT to see what you guys share!

  8. registered last week.
    sent confirmation e-mail, but it boounced back, too, so sent confirmation e-mail back again this time ading napp e-mail. bounced back on gilbert, but npt on napp. hope i’m registered for the summit

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