The new tour kicks off in just a few weeks in :

  • PHILADELPHIA on April 3rd
  • then to CHICAGO on April 30th

I did a test-run of the full day a few weeks ago in our headquarters for a group of about 40 photographers (to get their feedback, ideas, and comments on the day and to help me tweak it before it goes out on the road), and the feedback was just fantastic!!!!

In the short video (less than 2-minutes) above I go through the five sessions I’ll be teaching that day and what it’s all about.

Here’s the link for more info or to reserve your seat right now. (Seating is limited and filled on a first-come/first-served basis).

I hope to see you in in person in Philly or Chicago very soon (it’s a nationwide tour, so we’ll be announcing lots of new cities and dates coming very soon).

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Video ends while your explaining the tour.

  2. Looks great Scott. Almost tempted to emigrate from Ireland….. well not really :)

  3. Sounds like a great tour, Scott! I hope you’re making the trek to Boston this year.;-)
    If you do, have your people look into booking the Boston Convention Center for the class instead of the Hynes Convention Center (where you’ve been previously). Nicer rooms, cheaper parking, close to Logan and easier on the commute. Matt’s last tour was there!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. How much does it cost to go to the seminar?

  5. Sounds exciting. I think it’s a great idea. I hope we get to see some Canadian stops along the way……thinking Ottawa specifically. I attended Joe McNally’s One Light Two Light stop in Ottawa and absolutely loved it so I’m looking forward to more tour stops in my city in the future.

  6. Can’t wait. Come to Nashville so you can break in the new Music City Convention Center NAPP style!

  7. See you in Los Angeles! This is one class I can’t wait to take.

  8. How about Detroit? I may be able to help with securing a location in the downtown area if you don’t have one already.

  9. Hi Scott, All I kept saying to myself throughout this whole thing was Wow, Scott changed his hair. You look GREAT man!!! Hopefully you will bring the tour to the Dallas area someday.
    See ya,

  10. Hi Scott, I am in the UK. I came to see you last April in London at your Light It Shoot It Retouch It tour. I wondered if you had planned to come back to England in the future. Cheers Stephen,

  11. This tour has to come to the uk Scott, and not just London would be good :)

  12. Scott, I always like attending the seminars NAPP offers, but is the new “Shoot Like a Pro” tour the same as the previously announced “The Digital Photography Book Unleashed with Scott Kelby” seminar? Same content or just a name change? In either case, I plan on attending.

  13. Scott, will you be in Minneapolis? If not, I will fly down to Chicago. The class sounds awesome!

  14. Toronto? Gotta hit Toronto in any cross-continent tour!

  15. Hope to make one of these, try to include Charlotte!

  16. As long as your Denver stop isn’t the first week of June (hint, hint), I’ll be there.

  17. I want to come so badly. I am praying that I do not have any cases in court that day when you are so close to me in Philly! From the very first book of yours that I read, I was hooked on your style. I love how you make photography fun. I love how you are not stuffy and full of yourself. And most of all, I LOVE how you make people feel. You are humble and gracious. I hope your Monday is just fabulous. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many. I appreciate you.

  18. I am Rebeckah and Life with Kaishon : ) I can’t figure out how to leave my normal comment.

  19. Boston, please. After June 1st.

  20. When are you coming in France to perform this Tour? ;)

  21. Excited! C’mon 30th one week in Chicago yay! Maybe Scott can do New Orleans next? :)

  22. Enrolled… Can’t wait.

  23. Just signed up for your San Jose, CA workshop on Aug 27! I’ve been using Kelby Training videos for some time now and really enjoy the knowledge you and your team provide. I really enjoy your teaching style and personality and am looking forward to finally meeting you and learning directly from you! See ya in San Jose!!

  24. I would never miss a chance to learn from Scott Kelby!! Scott is the man!!!

  25. Hello Scott Please come to Austin Texas!

  26. Will there be a Minneapolis stop?

  27. I am registered for San Diego. What should I bring with me? The registration was not clear

  28. Scott, are you going to put this on to a dvd?

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