Announcing The Coolest Hands-on Workshop I’ve Ever Done. Again.

The first one was amazing (here’s the link), and we had lots of folks asking us if we could possibly do another one but the problem is: there’s only one weekend left in this entire season where we could schedule another Professional Hockey Photography Hands-on Workshop.

But that weekend is April 26, 27, 28th, 2013. It’s on. Drop the puck!

Check out the video above for details — (it’s the original that explains the workshop — but it mentions the old dates, so don’t let that throw you).

The last workshop sold-out within the first two hours it was announced, so if you want to join us for this incredible hands-on workshop, down in Tampa at the Forum, on the ice, you gotta do it right now (it’s filled on a first-come, first-served basis). Space is limited to the first 22 people who sign up. Here’s the link to reserve your spot today. Time to Kick Ice!

Because of team/Forum scheduling this is the only other workshop we’ll be able to host this season, so we hope to see you there for a workshop you’ll never forget.

-Scott Kelby and Scott Audette

P.S. I’d bring a U/V Filter if I were you. ;-)

  1. Wondering if the filter suggestion is to ward off breakage like the unlucky guy in your last class? Would a filter stop a direct blow? Wouldn’t the broken filter glass scratch your main element?

  2. This is to answer John Kosak’s questions…300 on a crop sensor is perfect for upper level shooting and NO a UV filter when it meets a puck would not stop the lens element from getting broke.

    You will have a blast during this!

    The quality of instruction you get at this even is AWESOME!!! I HAVE TO KEEP SAYING THAT….THE QUALITY OF INSTRUCTION YOU GET IS AWESOME!!! I thought about coming back but I have another commitment. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!

    1. Thanks Thomas! I had the pleasure of having my hockey pictures blind critiqued on the Grid episode just after the first class. Looking forward to learning from @twitter-17724411:disqus as well as more from Scott Kelby, especially some of his post processing tricks.

  3. Boom, and I am there!

    Hey Scott, what lens recommendation for a crop frame for the portraiture on Sunday?

    And is everyone staying at the Embassy Suites?

  4. Man, can’t wait a month for this…..

    So I never got a lens recommendation for a crop frame for the portraiture on Sunday?

    I am guessing a 35-70 zoom would be it.

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