Six Quick Monday Things

The Latest Issue of Light It Magazine (for the iPad) is here!
Lots of cool stuff in this issue (our biggest issue yet), including a feature on lighting action sports, and my “Lighting Recipes” column on mixing flash with ambient light (and a bunch more).

Android version update: I wish I had more news, but I don’t. We do have a beta version up and running (I posted a video of RC showing it a while back), but it’s still so buggy we can’t release it. I know this is the same story you’ve heard for a while now, but I’m not the App developer, I’m their client, and like you I’m very anxious to get the Android version released (if for nothing more than to change the conversation from “Where’s the Android version?”). Believe me, when it’s ready, we’ll release it. For those of you with iPads, hope you enjoy the latest issue (you can find it on the App store).

You launched another magazine? Really?
OK, that’s only kinda true — I do have a new magazine but it’s a “Flipboard 2.0” magazine I created called “Cool Photography Stuff” and it’s only available via the App Flipboard 2.0 (available for the iPad and the iPhone). This ability to create magazines on the fly is a new feature of Flipboard just released last week, and “Cool Photography Stuff” is a collection of articles I find each day from all different types of online media that I think you might like. It’s live (I’ve been updating it two or three times a day), and it’s free — just launch Flipboard and do a search for “Cool Photography Stuff” and then you can subscribe to it (still free) and see it right on Flipboard. Whichever article I chose last winds up being the cover image (as seen above), so the cover will be changing several times a day. Hope you find it helpful.

Our Hockey Workshop is Sold Out. Again.
This was the last opportunity to do it again this season (due to team/Forum scheduling), but we’re super-psyched to be able to do it once again. We have photographers coming from all over the world once again, and Scott Audette and I can’t wait to “hit the ice.” Thanks to everyone who signed up. Now drop the puck already! ;-)

Thinking About Taking Adobe’s “ACE” Exam?
If you are — check this out. The day before we kick off the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (coming up in Orlando, Florida in just a couple of weeks), we host a number of optional more intimate, in-depth workshops, including everything from a Live Concert Photography workshop, to a Light-painting workshop with Dave Black to a live Wedding Shoot workshop and more, but this year we’re adding a special workshop just on how to pass the Adobe Certified Expert program for Photoshop, taught by the guy who literally wrote the test! (that’s RC by the way). Plus you get a discount on taking the test, and Adobe is doing some cool giveaways in the class as well, and much more. Here’s the link with details on all of these pre-conference workshops. See you a day early in Orlando!

I’m Back From Spring Break Vacation!
We cashed in a bunch of those Frequent Flier Miles (I have quite a few) and we snuck away with the Kid’s to Maui for Spring Break (where I got the shot you see above — thanks to our friend Randy Jay Braun for the location). We had a ball (and believe it or not, I still have FF miles left), but now I’m back in the saddle and back at work today. It’s all I can do to keep from crying. LOL! ;-)

Our trip started out with….well….it started in a very un-expected way. So much so, my wife wrote about the “experience” over on her page. Here’s the link. (don’t say I didn’t warn ya).

Philadelphia Photographers — where is the Ultimate Cheesesteak?
OK, I’m heading to Philadelphia tomorrow for my “Shoot like a Pro” full-day seminar on Wednesday, and although I’ve been to Philly half-a-dozen times or more, I still have NOT found the ultimate place to get a Philly Cheese Steak. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even really been to a Philly Cheesesteak place in Philly (last time I was there, I had Italian) so I need somebody up there who really knows, to tell me exactly where it’s found. Thanks in advance for any help, directions, and tips you can share.

That’s it for my Six Quick Monday Things. Hope you all have a great Monday and I’ll see you here tomorrow (even though I’ll be up in Philly).



    1. Looks like a place referred to as “secret beach,” where you actually have to walk through a rock wall that hides the beach from the street, so unless you know its there, you’ll drive right by. South Maui, in Makena.

  1. You have to go to either Pat’s or Geno’s for a true Philly Cheese Steak. Here’s the address of Pat’s – 1237 E. Passyunk Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19147.
    Geno’s is across the street. Whichever you decide you think is your favorite, dont tell anyone. For the City of Brotherly Love, don’t get between a man and his cheesesteak! Enjoy Philly!

    1. Another vote for RTM from me. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Long time Philly sports fan and I finally visited Philly in 2009. The best sandwich I had on my trip was at RTM. The BBQ pork as others have mentioned.

      1. I’ll be at the seminar so if you do go across the street to get one for lunch, let us know what you think!

      2. I’m with Jan about DiNic’s. Everyone does cheesesteaks in Philly and they all have their favorites (I like Tony Luke’s down near the stadium – but Ishkabibble’s on 337 South is good), but the roast pork sandwich is the real hidden gem. I’ll be there as well and will be happy to join you for the experience.

  2. Very few things to eat are better than a real Philly cheestake sandwich!
    Scott, stop by Charleston, I’m down here shooting Magnolia Gardens, piers, etc. the Azaleas are in bloom!

  3. Scott: Thank you so much for choosing to have Photoshop World in Atlanta next year. Now I will finally be able to go!!!! I’ll be pumped for a year!!

  4. I would say to skip Pat’s and Geno’s. They aren’t that good. Tony Luke’s is much better (39 EAST OREGON AVE PHILADELPHIA, PA 19148). I agree on the pork sandwich. Since your class is at the convention center, you can just walk over to Reading Terminal to pick one up.

  5. Hey Scott, I’ve tried Gino’s, Pat’s and a few randoms, but my go to is always Jim’s on South and 4th. I just like they way they do it. Im a Cheesesteak with Onions and Provolone type of guy. Reading Terminal has some great eats as well as Jan pointed out. For a dinner in Philly I would suggest the amazing Chifa. It’s easily in our top 5 BEST food experiences alone side Daniel and a few others from NYC. Enjoy!

  6. I’m partial to Steve’s “Prince of Steaks” (they have several location’s). If you still have my email give me a shout I’ll take you guys there. I’ll see you wed.

  7. Yeah, you almost have to go to Pat’s Steaks to have the fundamental Philly cheesesteak experience. But for tasty food, have the same thing at Steve’s on South Street.

  8. Wow what a way to start your vacation Scott I’m glad it all turned out well in the end. As for the second hockey workshop, nicely done, now you just have to do this every year. By the way that’s my image on the projector from the first critique session of KickIce #1 :) I had a great time meeting you and the others in Tampa and I’m sure the second one will be even better. Congrats to those who were able to sign up, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

  9. Scott, I’ve worked in Philadelphia for the last 21 years and there’s only one place I go for cheesesteaks.
    Don’t let the name or the appearance fool you this place has the best cheesesteaks in the city. I wouldn’t send you anywhere else. Since I found this place I don’t buy cheesesteaks anywhere else. I recommend the Bruschetta with fried onions and sharp provolone. Don’t plan on eating dinner that night, you wont be hungry for anything big after this. If you want me to take you there just let me know. Enjoy your stay.
    I’ve read the other comments recommending Pat’s and Geno’s etc. They’re about the experience not the food, trust me, go to John’s you won’t regret it.

  10. I havent’ been to Philly in ages but when I went to Temple (long ago) I used to go “people watching” in South Street and I remember there was a place on a corner with black and white tiles that had really good Philly Cheesesteaks! I guess I’m not being really helpful! LOL!

  11. I recognize the location of your shot from Maui. It was my favorite place when we visited last year. A very popular wedding location, on one of my visits there were no less that 7 individual weddings happening at the same time. What a spot though, you captured the beauty of it!

  12. Scott – Sorry about your case of the crud. I’m attaching my Maui sunset from just a year ago; looks like it was taken from about the same location. Our hosts said it was the most dramatic one they’d seen in all the years they’d been wintering on Maui. (Did the image upload?)

  13. Is there a chance of having your magazines on computers? I’d love to see them on PC, and I would love to subscribe. I have an iPad, and while the magazine is cool and all… I’d rather view it on a larger screen, like a PC. My PC is also a LOT more powerful (i.e. faster) than the iPad.

    It seems, to me, that a PC based version would be far more universal. If it can be done on PC, it should be easy to do on Mac. I’d suggest there is a mere SUBSET of photographers that own a tablet… while the vast majority probably own a PC or Mac.

  14. If you want to choose your own cover just flip to the content you want and touch and hold until the menu pops up. You then get a bunch of options including ‘Promote to cover’. Look forward to reading the mag.

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