I’m Calling in Sick :(

I’ve had a really low-level cold for about 10-days now but on Sunday it decided to move things up a notch, to full blown Bronchitis, so on Monday I went to the doctor, he gave me a shot (ouch!), and some medicine, and a Philly Cheesesteak (OK, he didn’t’ give me that, that I’m getting tomorrow in Philly), so I spent the day at home resting, drinking lots of water and generally looking like the pup you see above.

I’m OK, but I don’t have anything too exciting for today’s blog post (written on Monday night, cough-couch), so I’m calling in sick. Still looking forward to seeing everyone at my Shoot Like a Pro seminar in Philly on Wednesday (over 400 photographers are already signed up for the day), but when you see me, you probably shouldn’t shake my hand unless you want to look like this doggie, too.

Have a healthy Tuesday everybody. :-)

  1. Feel better Scott! I can relate. Have had a cold since last Monday and still can’t shake the last of it. Lingering cold weather and temp swings (was 60 yesterday in NYC; today–35!) doesn’t help. Dress warm for Phili.

  2. get well soon and don’t knock your bottle of NyQuil or Mucinex into your keyboard.. What you really need is a week OFF in Hawaii, no classes, just chillin’ with the family. I’ll take youall to a rodeo. jock

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