Shooting An Album Cover from Concept to Finish

Big thanks to both Scott and Brad for inviting me back to be the guest blogger this week!

This past September I was hired by Eleven Seven Music to photograph and create the album artwork for heavy metal band Drowning Pool's new album, "Resilience.” I was presented with a great opportunity to produce work for the band that would not only showcase them in a dynamic new way, but also push new personal boundaries within my work and challenge me to create something exceptional.

Early in the "concepting" phase of the project, I was given a rough set of inspirational ideas from the band and needed to shape these into photographic images for the album cover and final packaging. I knew right away that I needed to formulate a plan to provide my clients with a final series of images that would be visually relevant to their music and also express the underlying story within their message.

The concepts were general, but finally brought a specific aquatic theme into the band's image. I saw this as an opportunity to create fresh new visuals for Drowning Pool while maintaining a certain amount of consistency. Even as a kid, I loved getting my hands on a new album and looking at the artwork⦠especially those that are thematic and contain a subtle storyline to coincide with the music. It's a complete package and hails from a creative and collaborative process.  I love nothing more than being a part of this process and seeing it through to fruition.

I firmly believe the creative process is more than simply knowing how to use a camera and light your subject properly. It's more than any post-production technique. It's more than merely being inspired. For me, it begins and ends with development of tangible relationships. Being a "people-person" has been one of the most important attributes for me as a photographer and has continued to open new doors for me.

So much of what we do as creative people relies on gaining trust, effectively communicating our ideas and maintaining a personal connection with our clients. And to that end, it relies not only on understanding your own vision, but how it correlates and completes their vision.

We put together a 10-minute video (below) talking about the album artwork from both a creative and technical standpoint, along with a peak behind the scenes from the shoot and image editing process. Check it out!

(contains mild language)

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