Another Reason To Bring Your Camera to Photoshop World



There are always opportunities for attendees to participate in some live shoots on the Expo floor at Photoshop World, and over the years we’ve had booths where you could walk up and shoot perfectly pre-lit motorcycles, and professional models, and a wide range of products and people, and these are usually hosted by lighting companies.

But this year, Microsoft Digital Imaging (one of Photoshop World’s sponsors) had a shooting opportunity this time, that I think was, hands down, the coolest one at any Photoshop World yet. In fact, it was so cool to see (and shoot) in person, that it created a huge buzz on the floor, and they were drawing big crowds the entire time.

They brought in Melissa, a professional ballerina/model, and had her leaping high into the air in front of a gray seamless paper background (the height was courtesy of a trampoline), and once she was airborne, she’d strike a ballet pose so you could capture the shot (a couple of mine are seen above).

Microsoft had a large strobe with a software and a wireless trigger available, and every hour she’d start leaping, and you could come up and start shooting. It was just amazing, and some of the photos people were getting were just incredible (they were shooting tethered to a large screen). My hats off to the digital imaging team at Microsoft for really thinking outside the box on this one, and coming up with a such a creative, fun way to get the attendees involved.

It really makes you want to make sure you bring your camera to the next Photoshop World, because you never know what shooting opportunities might crop up.

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