Tuesday News Quickies (and a peek at the next version of Photoshop)

keynote6.jpgHi everybody—here’s what’s up:

  • During Adobe’s opening keynote presentation at Photoshop World last week, John Loiacono (Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit), gave the crowd on hand a sneak peek at the “Next” version of Photoshop (he initially called it “CS Next”, but you’ll have to watch the video yourself for more details). Terry White, over at the Creative Suite Podcast, video’d “Johnny L’s” keynote presentation (that’s Johnny during the keynote above), and you can watch it online right here. (You can click the “Direct Download” link, or subscribe for free and watch it in Apple’s iTunes). Now, you’re going to see some really amazing technology that may or may not have to do with Adobe’s announcement last week that they’re unveiling something big on September 23rd (Sorry for being so vague—just trying to make sure I stay out of trouble). Anyway, go check out Terry’s podcast and then you’ll get it straight from Adobe (here’s that link again).
  • Some bloggers (and instructors) are already starting to post stories about their Photoshop World experience. Here’s one over at “LeggNet’s Digital Capture” (link) and lots of photos from instructor Jim DiVitale over at his blog (click here).
  • I saw a TV ad recently for Hanes, and it featured Jennifer Love Hewitt in a photo shoot, and at the bottom of the closing frame, in small letters, it had a link to see a “behind the scenes” video of a photo shoot. I don’t know how much real “behind the scenes” it shows (you do briefly see a C-stand, reflector, and the occasional strobe into an umbrellas), but the idea of seeing a high-end shoot like that is pretty cool (I just which they had actually done it). Here’s the link in case you’ve got two-minutes you don’t mind losing forever.

That’s it for this morning. Have a kick-butt Tuesday everybody! :)

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