I actually saw this video back when it was originally produced at a meeting at the local Apple office in Tampa (long since closed), and I remember thinking, “I wonder if we’ll ever really have stuff like this in our lifetime?”

Of course, there was no way for anyone to know back then that what we were looking at was a version of what would eventually be released as Siri. :)

Start from the 1-minute point for the demo of what they envisioned as “The Knowledge Navigator.” Now, I just mentioned Apple, which means this will quickly turn into a comment war, so to divert your attention briefly from that, how about people who shoot HDR photography, huh?┬áThat’s not “real” photography, right? ;-)

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  1. Love how you deal with all the haters and negative people out there :-)
    Way to go!

  2. So you are not only an Apple lover, but you actually SHOOT HDR !! Really? Next thing you’ll say is that your camera is a Nikon, right? OMG ! =))) Just kidding ( and fomenting war a bit ;) Thank you so much, Scott, for this video, it is AWESOME !

  3. I have been a Mac user for years. I used an Apple Mac fishbowl system to show how I could take a mainframe corporate computer out of the loop to provide a stand alone unit for an ultra sensitive database.

    Illustrator and Pagemaker were just hitting the market as the prime tools for advertising agencies.

    I am hoping to see some more WOW things from Apple’s R & D unit.

  4. Great post, very cool to see things with this perspective! I dig you’re stance on HDR vs “real” photography. “Those who reject change are the architects of decay”.

  5. Hi Scott, what was the exact year of this video? Thanks in advance.

  6. Nice video. Still some ways to go with the voice recognition bit, but we’ve sure come a long way.

  7. Just shoot an HDR pic of an iPad with a mirrorless camera and you’ll be fine Scott. ;) Any more gems like this?

  8. A search tool like Yahoo? What is that?

    On a serious note, I was also struck by how long it takes to develop the technology into a usable, affordable format. Cool video, thanks for posting.

  9. Thanks, that’s cool stuff. I’d definitely change the “assistant”‘s wardrobe, though ;)
    Hey, to fend off the brand wars, maybe you can get your commenting system to automatically filter out any posts with the word Apple!

  10. Apple … HDR … Arggghhh now I don’t know which to inanely rant that you’re wrong about !

  11. Yes, it’s a cool old video predicting where we will be in the future, but I’m still waiting for flying cars. We were supposed to have those a few years ago….. :-)

  12. I had not seen that entire video before, but the second part of it with the K-12 teachers and students was produced in the department I worked in at Apple (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow), probably in 1996. Both narrators were guys I worked with but the rest of the people were actors.

  13. When I was working for GTE in Washington during the early 80’s, one of the research big shots came through to talk about cellular telephones. Said they would eventually replace land lines, because towers were cheaper than copper wire. One of the few things GTE got right.

  14. Scoot what was the exact year of this video…

  15. Thanks, Scott. That video was great. So I guess these developments don’t just happen randomly, people actually spend years thinking about them. I wonder if photography is anything like that?

  16. Kudos to Fred Reitberger for showing that to us back in 1995 and for knowing where to find it in 2012.

  17. Wow what an amazing video! Apple’s apparently had the iPad and Siri in mind loooonnnng before they became a reality.

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