OK, We Totally Got Crushed on Cyber Monday

It’s a blessing and a curse — we had the biggest single sales day in the history of our company (yay!!!), but at the same time, having all that took down our network, half of our sites, our customer service phone lines, and well…you name it. It was off-the-chains (whatever that means. I hear kids say that).

If you couldn’t get through to us for any reason yesterday….
…we will still gladly honor any of our Cyber Monday deals today (see yesterday’s post for a listing).

Although I’m making a joke (to keep from crying…)
We take our customer service commitment very seriously, and although we thought we were fully prepared to tackle the Cyber Monday crunch, it went way beyond our wildest dreams and we were digging ourselves out all day (until late into the night). Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our deals, and to everyone who couldn’t get through (or struggled to get their order in online) I hope we get the chance to make it right for you today. Thanks for your patience, your support, and for hanging in there with us.

  1. Although I’m sure it’s true that you take customer service seriously, I, sadly, have had another experience. I have twice written on kelbytraining’s contact page, and in both instances, I have been left with the feeling of solitude ;-). No answer whatsoever. I’ve even written a PM on Kelbytraining’s facebook page ‘complaining’, but with the same result.

    I still LOVE what you provide the photography community, so this is just nitpicking – but still…

    Henrik Sewell Corneliussen.

    1. I also love Kelbytraining videos, but never received any answer for my pre-sales question via the contact page. And this was couple of months ago. Luckily I managed to use the Cyber Monday coupon to buy a 12 months subscription after two single month subscriptions.

  2. Hi Henrik,
    You are still lucky! I tried to send, many times, a message via the contact page, and every time there was a warning that the message was not send because I entered wrong code! As you know it concens entering or 4 letters or 4 numbers or a combination of that. As simple as that and nevertless I was warned about entering the wrong code…
    As you, I still love all the good things my Guru Kelby (and his team) is doing for our job or passion!


  3. Glad I decided to renew my Kelbytraining membership on Sunday.
    I take it the photo, used with this thread, is not of the actual Kelby customer service staff. If it is, I can only assume the attractive people take the calls, whilst the others take the photos :)

  4. I guess that is a sign of the ever increasing popularity of digital photography as well as your great social media presence. Good to hear for KelbyTraining, but sorry for the customers who didn’t get their orders in. I hope they will try again. I took care of my orders on the weekend avoiding the Cyber Monday crunch.

  5. I still can’t get the deal $199 Kelbytraining / NAPP membership offer to work at the correct price online again today. Hopefully I’ll have better luck getting through to the helpline this time when I try phoning again today from the UK!

  6. Hey Scott, I was going to take advantage of your offer, but I’ve done so for other offers and I’m set for a while with both Kelby Training and Napp with expirations in January, 2014 and October, 2014 respectively. I figure there will be other offers in the future that I will gladly take advantage of, like I did in Vegas already paying for next September!!! Woot!!!
    Your Customer Service is Second-To-None in any business model. No other company comes close to your (Kalibra’s) company in this area. KUDOS My Friend!!
    See ya in about 9 1/2 months or so in Sin City!

  7. good for you Scott for your success…you deserve it for all the advice you have generously offered…keep the passion alive…in queue now to order your training for a year…

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