Ask Us Anything! – Open Q&A with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep. 508

This week on The Grid, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna take viewer questions! They cover everything from post processing, to gear, to copyright and more. Check it out to see what kinds of guidance they share.

New KelbyOne Course: Shooting and Compositing Your Own Special Effects with Kirk Nelson

Learn how to create and capture dynamic visual effects at home! Join Kirk Nelson for a truly fun and practical class on shooting and composting special effects that you create in your own home or backyard. With lessons on water splashes, smoke, steam, and fireballs, made from props, materials, and equipment you may already have or can acquire at a local store, you’ll be ready to get started right away. After walking through how to create and capture the effects, Kirk takes you through his post processing workflow and demonstrates how to composite these effects into photographs.

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